I have to admit, I almost don't want to share this cool new free website because if I keep it a secret my projects will look better than yours. But I think you're going to learn about it eventually anyway, so here we go. ;-)

Animoto is a site that takes your uploaded pictures and mixes them into a beautiful and fast-paced slideshow, like something you might see on a TV commercial. You can upload music of your own or choose from their library to complement your video. You can see one I made here.

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This is too cool, my students are doing a website using Photobucket slide shows and collages and loving it but it's not real creative. I can see some really creative projects coming out of Animoto. Can I use your forum to beg for links to acceptable music downloads? I noticed you cited the song--is that enough?
I've been using animoto for about 4 months now, keep in mind after a month or so the video gets taken down after inactivity. You need to pay (not a lot) to create full length slideshows, otherwise they are about 30 seconds. If you are using Leopard u are going to need the latest version of Flash to view it. Also, voicethread.com is a great site for doing some cool online video/digital storytelling.
Did you know they have a new offer for educators? If you email "the guys at animoto" and tell them you are an educator, they will give you a code for student use for full length vids at no cost!

I love Animoto!

From: http://biz.animoto.com/education/overview.html


Since launching our site in August, we've heard countless stories about how useful Animoto has been as a tool for educators to use with students. While we never originally thought Animoto would be something that could be used in the classroom, we've been both surprised and inspired by hearing how effective Animoto has been. We feel like this is one area we can do our duty to "give back" a little.

If you are interested, we'd like to give you a "Classroom Code" that'll give each of your students a free All-Access pass (unlimited full-length videos for a whole year) upon signing up with this code. And you can use Animoto with your students however you wish. Keep in mind that videos can be viewed full-screen for classroom presentations.

Students' Animoto videos can now also be downloaded to your desktop--we've heard this is often more conducive for class presentations because you can view videos without being dependent on an internet connection and without the "Distractions" of the website.

The only thing we ask is that you keep us posted with the creative ways you find to use Animoto in the classroom. Our goal is to put together a collection that becomes a hub of sorts for teachers who use web 2.0 technology in a clever, innovative & fun way.
Very cool. I'm there! Thanks!
The song is from Animoto's extensive library, and it makes the citation itself.

And yes, Wade, my video took about 8-10 minutes to render too.
You are always in the know! This site is awesome. I've already shared it around the school and emailed it to several friends. Yes, your better side, of uplifting (and not competing with) your colleagues came forth!!!! --as always ;)--Thanks!!
One of our teacher has already got Animoto videos integrated into Yacapaca ePortfolios - very motivating for the students!
Awesome site. I am experimenting with it right now and I think it could prove very useful to a variety of classroom projects (media literacy for one). I read on their site that they are striving to make improvements also.


Email them and they will give you a free full subscription if you are an educator.
Geez! Do I show this to my students? Don't they need to suffer just a little with a balky editor?
Great fun!!
ann darling
Jeremy- Animoto has been around for awhile now, and is fabulous. I recommend using their Animoto for Education versions, you get longer videos with other capabilities.



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