OK, word of pre warning, don't click on the first link here. It's Protonmedia -- one of those very slick company "solution" websites where a little video host talks to you like you were 5 years old. Yuck ;-)

The company makes integrated Web 2.0 tools for busnesses. Chat, IM, whiteboards, social networks, virtual worlds, etc.

The interesting thing is how they could be used for education and why this might be more appropriate than Second Life. There is a good explanation here on Tom Crawford's blog.

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Hey, thxs Sylvia for your advice!
It all looks intriguing. Do you think many schools have access to this level of technology? Is this affordable?

One of the problems with Second Life seems like it would be hard to control Are there ways to prevent kids from going somewhere inappropriate or preventing someone inappropriate from entering your area?

Protonmedia answers those concerns. But does it offer packages at an affordable price?



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