How important, would you say, is incorporating Web 2.0 tools into monthly faculty meetings? My gut says that we should practice what we preach, (if that is what we are preaching) but I sometimes struggle with the logistics. If we really want to bring Web 2.0 technologies into our school environment, then we have to show these tools make things easier. I have set up a school wikispace to facilitate professional discussion and it is working for the most part, but I don't think it is the same as the monthly meeting. In fact, I am not even sure if the monthly meeting, as it happens in most schools, is working. I am curious to hear other perceptions of the "monthly meeting." Is it worthwhile and necessary, or should it be restructured in some way. Ours are usually for dispensing information and last about 40 minutes- to me this doesn't seem like the best use of time. What do you think?

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I think as administrtors we MUSt practice what we teach.
If you want teachers on the cutting edge --- You need to be there also.
It is our job to be the leaders in the building.
Rather than "incorporate Web 2.0 into faculty meetings which for us are purely informational we are creating a mentoring program for using Web 2.0 tools. We have a team that is already trained through an Ed Tech group. They will than mentor a group of 6 teachers. Those six teachers will each get three teachers that they will train. Causing a filtering down effect. Once it has filtered through the entire faculty it will than be a yearly assignment for a "mentoring group". We are really excited about what is going to happen. By the way, administrators are a part of the mentoring - practice what we preach!!! It is important that the whole school be involved. We are encouraging faculty and administrators to be involved in twitter, classroom 2.0, use google docs, etc.
Hello, if we can use the net,E-mail, to discuss the points prior to the monthly meeting it will minimize the time consumed in discussion.
The monthly meeting for example shall be 15 minutes instead of 40.
i really thing this would be a lot more productive than sitting in a meeting for an hour. We should be able to collaborate using technology and unless it is a mandated meeting, attendance should not be required. Attendance would be determined by those posting a reply or responding to a topic,
I personally feel that integrating Web 2.0 into faculty meetings would be a good thing. It would make these meetings more efficient, and it would serve as a model of instruction for the classroom. Also, technology integration is here to stay. There's not avoiding it now. Although, I do feel that many educators might resist this movement due to their low comfort zones with technology. In addition, if we're to be expected to use and integrate technology, we need to be provided with enough, modern, functional technology to do so.



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