school in Maine looking for school to challenge in an environmental project

The Village School in Maine (a grade 3-5 school with about 675) is currently building their part of the virtual ribbon--a segment long enough to circle their gym. They want to challenge another school to see how high a percentage of students and staff they can achieve. Ideally, the school would be in a different part of the US, or abroad. To see the Village School's great contributions, go to and search by village school.

Planetfesto's purpose is to build an environmental educational and action movement that creates a virtual ribbon long enough to wrap around the earth. To do pieces of the ribbon, students simply choose a photo on the site (or upload their own photo or drawing), say why they love the planet, and what they're personally going to do to protect it (we have plenty of ideas on the site if students don’t have their own). If they are stumped, there is plenty of inspiration just watching the ribbon scroll by, with impassioned declarations of love and individual action from all over the world. People from 37 countries have created pieces of the ribbon.

Some recent new features for schools:

-- search the ribbon and view a custom subset of just your school, location, or community. Teachers are often projecting their piece of the ribbon, like a movie.

-- rank individual pieces of the ribbon and view the most popular worldwide, and also by country

-- music (with more to come!)

The site was created as a totally volunteer effort by a family in California. Planetfesto was named one of the Natural Resources Defense Council's web sites of the week at: We’ve also been featured in the E-bulletin of the National Association of Independent Schools.

If interested, please contact, or Chris Crawford at

We’re at For more information about planetfesto contact Nancy Raff at 510/595-1888.

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