I just posted a sample work product using tools of Web 2.0 to demonstrate a possible English/Language Arts assignment. Though I posted it on my website, I used Yahoo Site Builder to build it. It could easily have been done on a different type of site. Take a look at it: http://pass-ed.com/Blog41907.html

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I'm curious about how you would structure this assignment, Andrew. Would students be required to add an entry to the blog? Would this replace a written reflection. Would they have to refer to some of the links that you've included in your page? Would you be assessing their input and how?

Also (sorry for all the questions but I like the premise of what you've posted!!) would students have access to computers in school or would this be homework?

THough I did not write the assignment, I assumed the role of a student when I developed this work. I imagine an English/language arts teacher asking students to develop an online portfolio of a text under study. The teacher might ask students to: define 5 words; write three higher order thinking questions to engage others in discussion; develop links to two sites that will illuminate the text; and in some way relate the information from the text to another subject area.

Students would not respond to my work. They'd develop their own products and respond to one another's work.

Of course, I've posted my work. So, students could respond to it.
This is great! If you wanted to take it a step further, you could create a document in Google docs and have students collaborate. Each student could be assigned an individual project or goal to complete a given task.
Hi Andrew,
I found this quite interesting as I've read heaps of stuff on blogging but rarely actually seen it in action, especially in English Teaching, thanks a lot!!!



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