Create quizzes with animations, images, screenshots, music and narration

Wondershare QuizCreator is a robust solution designed for teachers, testers, researchers and evaluators to create flash-based quizzes, online surveys and web assessments. This is one of the easy yet effective ways to access knowledge and get valuable opinions.

Download and Installation
Download a FREE Trial of QuizCreator via this link.
After installation, you will see the QuizCreator icon on your desktop.

Demo Tour -See a demo

Using Wondershare QuizCreator
1. Create Questions

A. Question Types
View question samples and see QuizCreator in action!

True or Flase
Multiple Choice(Single Answer)
Multiple Choice(Multiple Answers)
Fill in the Blank
Click Map
Matching Short Essay

B. Add Questions to Quiz
Import questions from a pre-made Excel document

Or add questions one by one in QuizCreator.

2. Question Settings

A. Add notes to questions
B. Set difficulty level
C. Add hyperlinks to questions and question notes
D. Add question-level feedback
E. Customize fonts
F. Shuffle questions

3. Quiz Settings

A. Determine Quiz Attempt
B. Set time limit
C. Protect a quiz by giving password
D. Add quiz-level feedback
E. Customize submission mode (submit one at a time; submit all at a time)
F. Randomize quiz

How can I create a question bank in QuizCreator?

G. Set Passing Score
H. Quiz end action: go to url

4. Multimedia Integration
A. Sounds

- Record Narration for Questions
- Import Audio (MP3/WAV)for Questions
- Add Background Music for Quiz Player
-Customize Sound Scheme for Mouse Clicks and Other On-screen Actions

How do I use the sound feature in QuizCreator to create quizzes with music or narrations?

B. Images, Screenshots and Flash animations

-Insert still images to questions
- Create screenshots for questions
- Insert Flash animations for questions

5. Quiz Player
A. Author Info Tab
Add author name, email address and Bio.
B. Text and Label Tab
customize the label and message text with users’ own language to create breezing user experience
C. Player Tab
Use the Color Scheme to create a uniform look and feel and enable sound scheme.
You can choose the show/hide some items on the player.

6. Publish

Publish the final output as an html page
This option enables you to create quizzes with SCORM/AICC compliance for any LMS.

Are there any chances to build a SCORM compliant quiz with QuizCreator?

If you have used Wondershare PPT2Flash Professional to develop E-learning content, you can insert a QuizCreator quiz to the content to measure learning progress.

How can I publish a quiz for an existing PPT2Flash Presentation?

You can deliver your quiz as EXE file or create a quiz for burning to CD.
For instant feedback, you can ask the quiz taker to send the quiz results via mail.

You can save your quiz as a Word document.
How can I export a quiz as a Word

7. Quiz Reporting
A. Send quiz results via email

Can I send the quiz results to students or teachers via e-mail?

B. Send quiz results to Database using ASP or PHP

Does QuizCreator have the ability to let me send quiz reports to a database?

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That looks amazing! Are you the developer? Any idea if there will be a Mac version soon?
Hello, Pete

Thanks for replying to my discussion.
We have a team for the development of this and I am the designer.

You know, it is now a Window-only program. We may have Mac version in future, but not now.
But there is way to run it on Mac.
You can use parrel to create a window system for it.
You can learn more from



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