Dear All!
I am a lecturer at University and the past year I have been using site with a learning purpose. I created groups and designed different learning activitiesfor learners. It was so new and interesting for students because they like computing and technologies. But in there is not a tool for evaluation of students achievments. I found some web-based tools for quiz creation and managing, but they do not work in Bulgarian language. I would like to ask you if you have had any experience or know a good evaluation tool. If you do I would be more than delighted if you shared it with me.

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Hi, Malinka

Multiply looks nice! and definitely I will a close look at it.

Back to your question, I am not sure whether you have other requrements
for the quiz creation tool. Anyhow, you can try this Flash quizzing software.
You can click here to view the sample quizzes created by this tool.
Hi Malinka
What sort of assessments do you want to do with a web-based tool? Do you want to set questions that are automatically marked? Can you give us some examples please?
What about the Moodle quiz module? You'd have to have Moodle hosted somewhere (you could host yourself?), and it seems it might fit all your requirements...
Hi Malinka
If you feel up to tinkering with some html / php (it's very basic) I have some templates I use.
Some are automarked (where answers are simple right or wrong) some are short essay type questions. Students get instant feedback and all data is submitted to the teacher by email. (uses javascript) (built for young children!)

You'd need to have a programme like Dreamweaver to make your own exercises and Flash for any than include audio.
As far as I can remeber, Hot potato may the one you are looking for , It is free.
I guess it was a typo, but I just love the concept of a 'we-too' website. Doesn't that just exactly encapsulate what this whole movement is all about?
You could have a look at the classroom management systems listed there. I have tried elearningcommunity, with which you can create block of contents and manage your learners easily (easier to use than Moodle). It has polls, but not quizzes if I remember correctly. Schoopy mentions creation of assignment, games, quizzes. No idea if they cope well with unicode (for cyrillic alphabet).
Malinka, we will soon be looking for beta testers for the international version of Yacapaca. We already support Cyrillic in our ePortfolios, and Cyrillic support for quizzes is next on the list. Let me know if this would interest you.
Added to the listing above. I also added, wherein you can create quizzes and assigments as well, in an easy to use environment. When I tried to create quiz questions, French diacritics showed just fine.

I love the connection you made here. I'd looked at that (assumed) typo many times and never even thought about how brilliant it was. :)
Could you give a synopsis of what you are looking for?
It sounds like you would want a system - what about a Content Management site (like Joomla)
combined with a wiki and a Course Management system (like Moodle)?
I have been checking out Dokeos lately - just need more time to see if this might be closer.
Quite a while ago, I had been scrounging around for quiz makers. The result is this page of links on Simple Quiz generators. Be warned, however, that many links are broken and the information quite old (more than 2-3 years).



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