Ning has a new feature--the ability to create categories for forum discussions. When you post a new discussion, you have the option of choosing a category. I believe I have to create the categories--and, unfortunately, put past posts into the appropriate categories! (That won't happen overnight...)

I created a couple of categories already. One is "Introductions," and while I only expect one original post there, I think it makes sense. I also created "Help Needed" for when you are asking for help or feedback, and "Site Features Discussion" to talk about this site and how we can improve it. There is also a "Site Announcements" category (which I'm using right now), that only I can post to (although anyone can reply/comment on). You'll need to reply here and let me know what other categories you want.

The value, I believe, of the categories is that you can subscribe to the RSS feed just of certain categories, if you like. It doesn't appear to affect the way the discussions appear on the front page, but if you look at them under the Forum page, you will see that they separate out.

Let me know what you think.

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How about some kind of newbie category for people who are just starting to figure this all out. I'm just thinking about the people who are about to take my class. But then maybe that falls under "Help Wanted."
Hey, you were a hit today! :)

OK, let me know what you think of this: "First Posts." "Is this your first time posting to a blog or a forum? Want to make sure you get some positive feedback? Use this category!"
"First posts" sounds good, or how about "getting your feet wet" or "checking ning out." How about a category for more lighthearted discussions - like the superhero stuff, or the latest Web 2.0 knock knock jokes. You could call it "on the lighter side" or something like that.
Oh, you're good to have around! Thanks.
The RSS option is fantastic. A teacher could use a category for group topics and have them fed to different webpages for consolidation etc. I like it.
I would be interested in a RSS feed for "Tools that worked for me" and "Blogs & Wikis: Examples in the Classroom"
I like the idea. Hopefully, those success stories will also be posted at the wiki,
I think these categories are great. However, I might be even more likely to subscribe to categories like "Tech for Teachers" category (to be used for telling others about new technologies) and/or a "Tech for the Classroom" category (to talk about new uses of technologies in the classroom). Right now, I subscribe to NWP's Tech Liaison's forum to satisfy the aforementioned cravings. However, I would like to know what others are doing with technology. Anyway...just a suggestion. I LOVE your site! I have sent emails to a few other teachers here in Alabama. I also put this as my site of the week in the teacher portion of my lowly website

Have the best day ever!

Thanks for all you do.
Ben Davis

You can subscribe to all the forum postings--there is an RSS button for that. Theoretically, everything posted at Classroom 2.0 would fall into those categories, but realistically maybe 80% with the other 20% sideline stuff. We are trying to build the wiki up (, so that might be a good place to bookmark as well.


How about a "What do you think about this idea"/"Teacher polls" category?
OK, I changed "Help Needed" to "Help or Feedback Needed." Think that will do it?
Sounds perfect.



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