Your Favorite Blogs and the 2007 Edublog Awards (including a social networking category :)

The "Eddie" awards are in their fourth year, and they are accepting nominations in a variety of educational blog and related categories. So this is a good time to nominate someone (or yourself!) in a category. Nominations are open until the 21st of November, and then there will be a voting period. The nomination site is

But let's not leave all the fun until then! What are your favorite blog sites? Here are the categories being used by the "Eddies."

1. Best individual blog
2. Best group blog
3. Best new blog
4. Best resource sharing blog
5. Best designed blog
6. Most influential blog post
7. Best blogged research paper or project
8. Best teacher blog
9. Best higher-education student blog
10. Best librarian / library blog
11 .Best educational tech support blog
12. Best elearning / corporate education blog
13. Best educational use of audio
14. Best educational use of video / visual
15. Best educational wiki
16. Best educational use of a social networking service
17. Best educational use of a virtual world
18. Best educational use of open source
19. Digizen’s 13-19 competition (for young people creating and sharing online resources around the theme of cyberbullying)
20. Conveners award (a special award given to an edublog that particularly deserves to be of note)

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My nominations:
Best individual blog: Dangerously Irrelevant
Best group blog: Bionic Teaching
Best new blog: Global Citizenship in a Virtual World
Best resource sharing blog: Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day
Best educational use of a social networking service: Classroom 2.0, of course!
Best educational use of a virtual world: Suffern Middle School in Second Life
You'll be pleased to hear that we'll be producing a feed of every single nomination we recive this year, organised by the category it was nominated for. Great to see you sharing over here and look forward to seeing you at the awards!
Oh, we're big "Eddies" fans over here (as well as Josie Fraser fans!).

GREAT idea on the delicious feeds--you might also look at diigo, since they are doing great things and they will mirror their tags with delicious.
With the dearth of any recognition of social networking as a communicative and influential tool -- I think we should start our own social networking awards! Anyone have a catchy name?

The Chatty Cathies?
Social Networking in Education: The SNIEs awards, pronounced as "sneeze." :)
I guess the SNIEs have it so far -- I'd vote for anything that doesn't suggest brainless twittering.....

Speaking of awards,here's a cool presentation of best tools. The guy who made it must be my twin brother -- I totally agree (and that is as uncommon for me as pigs flying).

I like Dan Meyers. he's a young math teacher, an excellent writer. I enjoy his take on teaching, kids and life in general.
All kidding aside, is this really a great idea? Why do we need to artificially create a "best" situation? With this format, isn't it just a populartiy contest? It's pretty easy to guess that the most read blogs will get the most votes. It's not like there is some judging criteria...

Hey, I want to be the prettiest girl at the prom, too, but shouldn't educators be modeling collegiality, not competition?

Love the idea of sharing favorite resources, love the feed idea - hate the "best", "award", "winner", etc.
As usual, Sylvia, you are insightful and on target! :) I love it when you swim upstream!

I remember feeling that way last year, since the awards are based strictly on the vote-count, and that really just meant who could mobilize their audience most effectively to vote. But it did introduce me to some resources I hadn't known about before, and promoted educational blogging.

I'm working with diigo right now on something we're calling "tag libraries," and without going into all the fun details, I love the idea of a categorization program in social bookmarking for sharing all of these resources easily.
I'm not the only salmon, apparently - check out this post by Doug Belshaw saying "Please Don't Vote for this Blog" - and the heated comments it generated. I'd say he got filleted, but that would be overstretching an already fishy metaphor. ;-)

I have to say that it illustrates my earlier point-- that competitions cause, well... competition.

So let me ask you, you say you were "feeling that way last year", but did something change your mind? Or did just the general goodness of finding new resources outweigh the distaste for the "winner" format? Is having a contest a "necessary evil" to get attention?

I agree that competition can be "harmful" and not really productive to the educational environment. But I do also think there is a time and place for it. In the classroom and in the case of awards. I think it is all how it is done.

Celebration is a great thing and so is rewarding excellence. In terms of technical applications for the classroom, it is invaluable to get public feedback. There are so many and most instructors rely on professionals for guidance as to what might be best for their classroom.

I have had amazing success over the years with "competition" and it is a necessary and vital component of education and life. But it has to be done in the proper spirit, it's an art not a science.

I think in these cases it is a necessary thing and not even close to being a "necessary evil".




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