Your Favorite Blogs and the 2007 Edublog Awards (including a social networking category :)

The "Eddie" awards are in their fourth year, and they are accepting nominations in a variety of educational blog and related categories. So this is a good time to nominate someone (or yourself!) in a category. Nominations are open until the 21st of November, and then there will be a voting period. The nomination site is

But let's not leave all the fun until then! What are your favorite blog sites? Here are the categories being used by the "Eddies."

1. Best individual blog
2. Best group blog
3. Best new blog
4. Best resource sharing blog
5. Best designed blog
6. Most influential blog post
7. Best blogged research paper or project
8. Best teacher blog
9. Best higher-education student blog
10. Best librarian / library blog
11 .Best educational tech support blog
12. Best elearning / corporate education blog
13. Best educational use of audio
14. Best educational use of video / visual
15. Best educational wiki
16. Best educational use of a social networking service
17. Best educational use of a virtual world
18. Best educational use of open source
19. Digizen’s 13-19 competition (for young people creating and sharing online resources around the theme of cyberbullying)
20. Conveners award (a special award given to an edublog that particularly deserves to be of note)

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Hey David,
I don't disagree with you. Perhaps I was being too lenient by calling this a competition, since there is no judgement here, only popularity. It's a straight vote, so "rewarding excellence" is not what's really happening, is it?

i'd have no problem if someone wants to give out awards for the blogs they think are the best. That's at least someone's judgement. Tell me why a blog deserves an award, why a technology or an application is great for the classroom. Just telling me that everyone is doing/reading it isn't enough.

So I completely agree with you that it really matters how it's done. I'm just questioning the "how it's done" part.
Yes, I agree. Perhaps that is more to the point -- that it is mostly about popularity and doesn't have that much "qualitativeness" to it.

I disagree with the notion that popularity always =s The Best. I look at the application voicethread in just such a vein. It is a superb application in my mind but because it doesn't have any big type of promotion or doesn't honk its horn much, it gets little attention or use.......

So many great things are simple. I think us on the technological edge of things forget that. Like Cardinal Bernard replied when asked what are the 3 most important virtues a person must seek -- "Simplicity , simplicity, simplicity". Unfortunately, it doesn't usually pay the bills....

And I agree too, let's always keep questioning....

Last year I remember feeling that the awards really went to those who were able to muster the most votes, rather than being judged and appreciated based on specific criteria. And I found good resources through the awards.

So I'd put myself in the camp of liking that the awards exist, but wishing that there were a more formal judging process. I don't mind there being a winner, and I'd like it a whole lot more if winning was more significant. The ability to muster votes does mean something, and is an indicator of popularity, but may not represent the more subtle impacts that a blog or site has had.
Thanks, David and Steve for such a civilized conversation. I think that a nework like Classroom 2.0 encourages civil behavior. As opposed to blogs where people can anonymously comment and run for cover, as we value the community here, it is reflected in more thoughtful comments.

Community and connection increase the value of a conversation.
Well, I'm the in the Sylvia Martinez fan club, and think that you have been a large part of what has made CR 2.0 such a good place for discussion. I think the discussions here have been very civil, and while I agree that a large part of it is the difference between a blog and this kind of network, I also think that CR 2.0 got off to a good start and has a thoughtful "personality." :)
Ha! If I only had the influence the control behavior! My house would be quite a different place ;-)
I think an issue like the Doug Belshaw post can be avoided altogether if nominees are asked if they accept the nomination. I thought that comment war on his post was very unhealthy!
The discussions here have been wonderful, and although I don't always comment, the tone and energy here are fantastic and I keep coming back:-)

As for the idea of popularity winning over impact/significance, I do agree, but that won't hinder my interest in exploring new blogs that I never would have found had it not been for the awards!

Keep coming back!!! And my apologizes, I should be checking out your own blog more......I loved your stories and copied it somewhat with a thread on my own Ning. (I don't blog much, I thread....)


Yes, it is great that Classroom 2.0 fosters much civil discourse and civility is the beginings of democracy (but not its end) in my opinion. A respect of diversity, especially of thought.

I've been thinking lots lately about why some forums and social networks turn into just "sound offs" etc....lots of negativity, competition.....I've come to the conclusion that two things predominate.

1) NO "ownership" , meaning that members are not offered a venue to have a "face" or be someone whether through music upload or exchange. This lack of "belonging" allows members to be negative and disrespectful through the veil of anonymity.

2) leadership. Social forums/networks are civil because of the leaders who from the outset, set the tone. I think this was done very well here in Classroom 2.0, thanks to Steve and many ageless wonders like yourself Sylvia. It is so important.
Also leadership of people dealing with issues civily and in a "personal" fashion. I 've seen so many old style messageboards go down the toilet because of roughshod leadership/banning etc.....

David -- Let's have a BIG AWARD for the most under clicked, under the radar blog of most importance! Yours perhaps???? I"d call it the PURE.

PS. I'm a noted PPT guy and I've been making my own Social Networking Manifesto. I"ll declare it shortly......
Such kind words, thank you!
I think that there are many great blogs out there that speak to a larger audience. I am happy to write just for me and and my small network:-)
I went through a phase where my blog server changed addresses and I lost ground on Technorati, which impacted my more than I thought it would. Later I took 2 months off and really have enjoyed blogging for myself ever since.

I'm going to nominate this post:
How to Prevent Another Leonardo da Vinci
Under 'Most Influential Post'
... pretty profound for a 15 year old. She has made a lot of people think about what our educational system often does to our students.
"Ageless wonder"? OUCH!
You are so right - I struggle with wanting to be popular and have people read my blog and just seeing it as a place for reflection. Blogging has done so much for my writing and for my thinking. I always have a blog entry ruminating in the back of my head. I love it.

As you probably know from my long ago discussion topics, I have always wanted to be famous. And I do have a lot of people that read my blog from all over the world, but David Jakes, David Warlick and Will Richardson still do not follow me on Twitter. And I know I will never win any Blog contests (maybe I should start a campaign for myself here on Classroom 2.0;)

Why do I care? I guess it comes from working in a middle school and now a high school for so long. All that popularity contest stuff rubs off. Sometimes I do feel like there is an "old boys" network of bloggers out there and it is hard to break into.

Of course I know you are right - I should want to be judged by the quality of my character. Still working on that...
Vote for my blog The Power of Educational Technology because I've always wanted to be famous and this would really help.
;) Liz



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