I believe students can bring toys and electronic games to schools because they help students to feel better and if the teacher is creative, the toy or game can become a tool for the lesson. I believe that is time to create a different amostphere in some schools for some students.

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I have actually tried this. I wrote about it in my blog. You walk a fine line when doing it because you don't want to get the students thinking that education is supposed to be entertaining-I think that when it reaches that point, you spoil the student and they think that they don't have to learn unless it is fun. With proper planning though I think it can be very effective! At least that was the case in my classroom. teachertechblog.com
"you spoil the student and they think that they don't have to learn unless it is fun"

Interestingly, studies show that positive emotions, like the ones you get when playing help with more efficient memory encoding. So, there are learning benefits associated with having fun when learning.

I wrote a full blog post on the topic of serious gaming (for girls). It's my notes taken at a seminar on the topic. The presenters were guys working for the "European Center of children products". The talk was great.

This is the theory, of course. I would be interested to know how what is described there match the classroom experience.
I use games to teach mathematics, reading, science, and other subjects . I created a resource site to offer students a different kind of activities where interactive games are the essential elements of the lesson. During the time I have been using the resource site, I have noticed that it takes less time and the discipline problems are reduced when I use them as instructional tools. In many school areas educators do not face the challenges that some of us face while teaching in one of the Bronx School Districts. We get the job done by being creative. And if games do the job, then let us use games to instruct. The blog on "serious gaming (for girls) is very interesting. Thank you!
I agree with you on not spoiling students by permiting games or toys to be use in the classroom. But when the teacher has to meet the academic objectives, creativeness plays an important role. Remember, this is just a strategy to be used when games or toys become an issue in the classroom. It is not something the teacher will use as part of the flow of the day. Educators must have a bag full of strategies, and this is just one more. thank you for your contribution.



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