My eighth graders created their first podcasts. We used GarageBand and attached them to a wiki that we created about Copyright, Plagiarism, and Fair Use. It would be great to show them that they have a global voice.

To that end, I would appreciate anyone's help in listening to a podcast or seven and completing the plagiarism podcast survey. It's at our wiki.

If you'd like to leave me a specific comment, you can do so at my blog: NJ Tech Teacher Musings.

Thanks in advance.

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How coincidental that I am getting ready to introduce podcasting to my grad students and I should get a Tweet from you about this very subject. It's also great too because we just completed a unit on Copyright and Fair Use. My students are mostly teachers working toward their library media licensure and they are always looking for ways to use technology in their own classrooms. I hope to introduce them to Classroom 2.0 next week as well. Thanks so much and I'll definitely direct them to your wiki!
My seventh graders are in the process of completing VoiceThreads on Copyright and Fair Use. Feel free to have the students fill in the survey and let my kids know how they feel about the content of the podcasts. Thanks for taking a look.
We use podcasts/digital storytelling on a regular basis here at our elementary school. We use Garageband or imovie to create multi-media content for students then display it up on the web. You can view some of our stuff by clicking going here, (click on the podcast tab). Also, you can click on the announcements tab to see how we take multi-media to the next level using imovie and wirecast to run our TV studio.
The announcement for today was amazing. I'll have to look at more later. My son started practicing piano, but I'll get back to all you shared over the weekend. Thank you for including the links!
These were wonderful - it's so great hearing students' voices... and such a better way of introducing these concepts v. lecture!
Thanks so much!!! Here are a few more places on our site where you can locate students work in podcast/digital storytelling format....

Here is a link to our video club, at the bottom are examples of at "music video" we make using imovie/garageband.

Here is a link for our digital art club (that was made in iweb)

Here are two multi-media apps we use all the time.

wirecast (for our morning announcements)

pulp motion - (for slideshows, great great app)



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