A coworker has just started a blog to support his teacher training efforts. I helped him put a Clustrmap on his blog. Since his background is social studies, I thought he would see the great instructional implications right away. He gets so excited when he gets hits from other places, some of us are trying to see if we can drive additional traffic to his blog. If you have a minute, could you stop by Brian's Blog at http://ppsblogs.net/brianmckee ? It will make his day. Thanks.


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Done with pleasure - he should have a little red spot on the UK now.
Thank you so much!!
Hi Ruth, Israel should also have a red spot now.- Great idea!

ps just checked back but so far no spot!
Thanks!! I think he get's refreshed once a day, so I'll expect an email from him tomorrow...It's so much fun. He sends an update with the location of the new dot in the subject line...
What a nice gesture to do for your friend. I love his banner, by the way.
He took that picture while teaching in China one summer. I've already received a few emails from him with reports of the wherabouts of his newest visitors...
Southeast GA (Waycross) is on too!


His blog is pretty impressive for someone just starting! I popped by so he'll have a "dot" from Texas!
Blogs are a new initiative for our school division. Our supervisor is challenging us to get real comfortable with them before they open up the floodgates to all of the teachers who have been asking. Brian's really been trying.

I think it's great that your district is encouraging teachers to blog. It isn't always the case in other areas.
Thanks so much to all of you who stopped by Brian's blog. I got an email from him today, and he can't believe all of the folks who have stopped by his blog. Thanks again.

Michigan is now a red dot there



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