Presentation to Decision Makers on Deep Personalization - anyone willing to comment via Jing or similar?

Hello colleagues. I am asking for audio/video input if you are willing to provide it - and ideally it might be as a Jing ( or some other vehicle so there is a video/audio component. Unfortunately there is a pretty short deadline.

The presentation is before a group of decision makers/educators from all 50 states on the topic of deep personalization - defined by KnowledgeWorks in their Map of the future as "More people reject mass product and service offerings, including education, engaging in do-it-yourself projects." (Note this is a result of brainstorming they did to identify major trends.) They also identified participatory pedagogy and personalized learning plans as ways for educators to address deep personalization - and see standardization as a big dilemma.

This is obviously all about Web 2.0 now at least as there is no tool that enables personalization on a large scale like Web 2.0.

If you are willing to address any of these ideas in a short video or Jing session can you let me know?

I think one of the things that can come of this is for these decision makers to really hear what teachers are doing around these overarching ideas, how the dilemma is playing out, how we are reaching out to students in this world of open-ended possibilities.

Thanks so much for any ideas.


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Hi Pamela,

I posted this elsewhere in the forums as well. I'm not sure if it's what you're looking for, but it might be.

Unfortunately, the audio didn't turn out as good as I would have liked. The original was made up of clips taken in Jing, but was edited via Flash and Movie Maker.

Here is the URL -
Daniel, thanks very much, this is helpful. I will email you.

The presentation is before NEA officers and so far it will include an intro to a Harry Potter fan fic site by a 15-year-old user; an overview of some uStreamTV shows; several VoiceThreads from a Language Arts classroom; several Wikis; Radio Willow Web podcasts; and a few blogs. Then there will be Prof. Michael Wesch's video by his college students; and we will look at curriculum from the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia and possibly a few other interesting approaches to learning that involve students more. As a P.S. - I am really finding JingProject to be invaluable as so often wireless is painfully slow when showing videos online, especially if the audience is getting online at the same time (as they should!)

Hi Pamela,

This project was the first time that I used Jing. It's ok, but in order to edit, you need to do so in Flash. You can convert to .avi, as I did, and edit elsewhere, but it screws up the dimensions of the capture. At least this is true with how I've done it so far. I'd love for them to add other exporting options, but that would eat the lunch of their other products.

However, Jing has provided the best quality capture, outside of the costly Camtasia, that I've found yet. I guess it shouldn't be too surprising since they are from the same company.

Hi Daniel, yes, I am using Jing, too and finding it very useful. I captured some VoiceThreads and also UStream/TV. I'm just not editing at the moment for the same reason you mentioned. But having Jing available when you are unsure of the Internet connection somewhere is a real save!

When is your deadline for this, Pam?
It's tomorrow. I have quite a few things, however, so not to worry!

Thanks -- Pamela
I don't know if this presentation would be useful to you - it seems to address their key issues of participatory pedagogy and personalized learning, the problems these bring and how those problems can be addressed:

I tried to Jing-ify it, but it is just longer than Jing's 5-minute limit.

Good luck with your presentation!




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