It seems that some people try to look good (I know I did), some don't want to show their face, and some look kind of scary (no offence, I won't name names).

This is the first time I've really put a picture of myself out onto the Web. I'm wondering, how did you choose your picture? Were you concerned about who might see you? Did you care? I think this fits into the Just for Fun discussion category, but I really am interested.

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Our families were visiting Mrs. P and myself in the hospital the day after our son was born. I realized I had taken little group photos of everyone else in the room and has skipped someone. So I turned the camera on myself. That's why I look a little exhausted and the camera seems to be falling into my chest. I also knew I had a double chin, but every once in a while, I'll just catch it wrong. Sheesh! I certainly don't look "bad ass" ;)
My son and I had just finished playing "boat", where he drives the "boat" (couch) as we zip around the lake (family room), stopping to pick blueberries (?) and feed them to our dogs. So the fitting picture was from in the real boat. You can just pick out the top of his head in the lower left.
I hate having my photo taken and usually am the childish one making a face or not looking at the camera. However recently I took part in a course where the lecturer made a big deal about adding our photos to the accompanying webgroup. Apparently it was important to her to be able to put faces to the names. Well, it's also easier than choosing an avatar. This photo is about the only one I could find, I fuzzed it up a bit, and lo and behold, almost no wrinkles. Wish it was that easy in real life.
mine is honestly the best photo of myself i could find

My new avatar, courtesy of Rajendran of ToonDoo For ages I've been using either a regular photo or a comic type avatar. How come I never thought of "mashing up" the two.
The reason for the 'gift' can be seen on my blog TechTeachr
Or on the ToonDoo blog
I think in some strange way, it is a good indicator of the "privacy" level of the person. Each of us has a different threshold, a different perspective on this issue and what we can tolerate. Me, I've always been open and have posted my own pic. But I respect the arguement of using an "avatar" or something else.... Just a personal choice, no more, no less......

I just think it's cool i've become an icon, well at least clipart. A photograph would look just the same.
Best wishes
Paul spencer
Just pick a photo. Really don't care abou how the others see me. About this photo i just think it´s funny :-), this is photo that i take in my brothers house.... while trying is new photo machine. But we must be awared thath some people prefered not to publish a photo or used a avatar, that show a litle bit about the spirit of us. In the digital world you can be anyone that we like to be..... something like a SecondLife.
My daughter took mine while joking around that I should audition for the sequel to Weird Al's White and Nerdy Video.
Mine goes with my website, the Tech Fridge. It is a picture of my own fridge that I took while sitting on the floor of my kitchen. We keep a lot of pictures of people that are close to us, so it's a great reminder of what is really important in life.
When I set up the account(for a class), it was the funniest icon I could find in 3 minutes. It matches my name and general attitude.
I picked mine because it was taken during a recent happy time and I was also having an unusually good hair day. :) I feel that it is professional, yet I still look feminine and fun. The best part is that I'm genuinely smiling.



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