I've been working on a book review podcasting project with kids in my school K-8. Students are writing book reviews scripts, recording them and then I post them on our Website. I am hoping to create a book review database that kids can go to when they are looking for a good book to read. So far students in 1st, 2nd, 7th and 8th grades have recorded their podcasts. My 3rd graders are almost done. It has been a great project because it really works at multiple grade levels.

I have uploaded a lot of podcasting resources to our Website and I welcome book review podcast from you and/or your students, if you would like to send them to me. I am hoping to make this a reading resource for kids around the world.

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Hi Jennifer,
I've learned so much from this discussion. I can't wait to incorporate some of the ideas. I had the kids draw pictures in Kid Pix of the character and settings (2 pages). Then I scanned the cover (and sometimes their favorite scene.) After reading all the posts, I'm not sure if I'm allowed thru copyright laws to scan those pages....Does anyone know? (I always thought it was okay for educational purposes - after all, we're providing free advertising for the book!) Then I used the Flipcam to record the student tell me in his/her own words, what the book was about, their favorite part and why others would like to read it. I dropped the pictures into Imovie with the video, extracted their audio and attached it to the pictures. I left 1 sentence of their video intact at the end of each book review. They had a great time watching each other's book reviews on our big screen. Afterwards, I always have them choose 2 friends to compliment what they liked about their review.
Good luck,
Hi Elizabeth,

I am trying to do something similar with my third grade class. I am just beginning and would love to hear your thoughts on how the project turned out. I am running into a lot of trouble getting the tech that I need and getting through the blocks that are on our computers. I'm kind of a newbie to this stuff and would love some advice.



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