My school desktop has long had an icon for Read & Write Gold. I never touched until recently. It seems like a valuable tool as a text reader and things. I searched around and noticed the price tag on it though!! Wow! Anyone come across an open source equivalent?

It's main use is a text reader but according to its site
it seems to have quite a few other features.

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It looks to me like a collection of separate tools, linked only by their inclusion in the toolbar. You might find open-source equivalents for some of them. It probably depends on whether the value is in the integrated set or in just one or two of the components.
Is openoffice too complex to manage? Also, what Operating System (WindowsPC, Mac, Linux?)
Why do you ask? Does openoffice offer some of these features? Windows
Well, you can write something, there is a spell checker, and there is the possibility to speak the text aloud (you should be able to do that on any platform... at least this works on a Mac). That's about it. But you said that (1) you had about never used RWG and (2) the ability to read out text was of most interest to you.



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