I've participated in several threads here on ppt sharing applications. I'd just like to get Classroom 2.0 member's opinion of MyPlick, a new ppt sharing community.

Here's my review today, from my own EFL (English as a foreign language) Ning. Lei, responded to my questions and they are very progressive in trying to make the technology functional and user friendly. I was told they will have "album" creation and bulk uploading shortly. Take a look, it is amazing and I love how quick it streams/uploads.

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Joshua, one of our teckie members, shared this site awhile back. I'd already been using Slideshare to share ppts and presentations but this site MyPlick, just offered so much more functionality. It makes it so much easier to share, load and display your powerpoints! They stream great and offer quick big screen playing. They offer audio and friendly response - a pleasure in this day and age of automated replies. Infact, I've decide to give them this plug because today they quickly responded to my own wish to have "albums' of different presentations stored on the site and also bulk uploading. Two of the limitations I see there.
Other than that, they have it all (well almost, it is still impossible to make action buttons and to sync music/sound) as well. But I'll be uploading everything there and you can find it for your use in the classroom shortly. Thank you Myplick! Thank you Joshua.


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