We've got some great material through our school library that is only available through the Net. A lot of the updates and such can be had through RSS. Can anyone suggest an RSS reader that's really easy to use and really reliable? I've only had significant experience with Google's reader, and I'm not impressed with its reliability so far.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I like using http://www.pageflakes.com both as a homepage and a reader...
I am a HUGE fan of Bloglines - I use it to do all my RSS feeds, and I also use it as the blogging tool for my class - it's a very primitive blogging tool, but the fact that it is seamlessly integrated with the RSS management feature makes it really excellent for my purposes.

When my students post in their Bloglines blogs, my RSS feeds for them update instantly - no delay at all! That's been very handy for me in improving communication with my students - I don't comment on their blogs usually (they comment on each other's blogs), but because of the instant update in my own RSS reader with Bloglines, I can quickly alert students if there is a technical problem with their post (i.e. they include some monster image that makes the text in the post scroll off the screen).

Instructions I give my students in creating their Bloglines blogs:
Bloglines is simple and easy to use. I have been using for quite a while and have never had any problems at all.
Bloglines...nuff said!
Its bloglines for me!!
I suggest you check out http://feedeachother.com

It has some great functionality that none of the other readers have.



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