Asterpix lets you put a hotspot over any object in a video. The hotspot will then track the object on screen (quite reliably in my tests) and add text or a link.

I have used it to imagine that an old (but very funny) video is being used in a vocational course for crane drivers. I'm sure other C2.0 members will think of better examples.

(BTW I was unable to embed this - has Ning removed that feature, or am I just being inobservant?)

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Thanks to Pete's timely screencast, I will have another go at embedding my Asterpix video. It hadn't occurred to me that Ning would simply recognize the HTML and process it accordingly:

Clever--but I wish it had a feature that made the little popup more any person who watched would know to click on the outlined area!
It does - I chose the least obtrusive of three options. Perhaps I should have gone for the most obvious instead.
Cool tool!

Now, will you tell learners that this video is a long-known hoax, or leave it as an exercise to the learner? ;-)
Hush! You'll spoil it for everyone else ;-)

Actually, if you toggle the final comment to full size, you will see that I've left it as an exercise, but with some clear pointers.
thanks for trying asterpix.
we are experimenting with a variety of indicators to make them obvious yet unobtrusive. our best one yet is on the anvil and will be released at our launch next month.

there are a number of educational videos that are popular on our site, amongst them being
"How to save money on gas" and
"How to ask for a pay raise"

appreciate your continued feedback as we improve our offering.
nat kausik



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