Does anybody do tesselations and if so what program do you use? I used to use Appleworks and would create a tesselation then use a program to animate them. The only thing that I found that could do something similar is by tech4learning called Twist. Basically, I would create a shape, use the lasso tool, cut a section out of the shape, move it and attach it to another side, then I would edit the color, etc.


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Tesselations are cool. They are quite easy to make, with basic drawing tools, in fact. Explanations here Tessellations by Carol Sulik, 5th grade Math Teacher. In particular the page "how we did it"

Lesson plan on tesselations. Very very long page of links on Investigating Patterns: Symmetry and Tessellations

You also have an online tesselation java applet
Great!! Thanks for the links, I really liked the kids work!!!
I do a tessleation unit with my fourth graders, I use Tess available for free at

You can also get the tesslemaia demo at

You might want to check out as well
Great thanks!!! Do you know of anything that is OSX Native?
We use a stand alone software called Tesselmania.
check here for my tesselation lesson page. Hope it helps
The program "Tesselation Exploration" by Tom Snyder [Scholastic] is pretty cool.



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