I'm going to do a presentation on PowerPoint and am looking for creative ways that teachers have used this tool in the classroom.
Also, what aspects of PowerPoint do you feel should be addressed in the classroom? One suggestion was to note the differences between PP xp and PP 2007.

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I have enjoyed following the discussion however in the current climate there is also a valuable tangential discussion, the use of collaborative presentation tools. Which leads me to my proposal....

How are you/we intending to communicate the insightful points raised here to our students and staff? Are you/we intending to use Powerpoint? Could we collaborate on a presentation through Google Presentation? I would be interested to see what we came out with? It would be a great advert for webware, Classroom 2.0 and hopefully an engaging experience and certainly creative.

The document is publicly viewable at: http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=ddpxvgp7_50hfcm8f

Please contribute where you want to.
I had intended to share these ideas in a PP presentation. One point that came up in our inital discussion was how to take a classroom presentation and transform it to something for the web. Obviously, you can't put all your "verbal" notes on the slides. I'd very much be interested in your idea of a collaborative Google Presentation. Where to begin...?
Well, everyone has different uses for ppt as noted in the discussion. Games, timers, information, - I am hoping that more people will see this discussion and post to the presentation. To reach this tipping point we will have to invite and encourage others to contribute.

Google Presentation is multi-user. You somewhat give control over to the power of the group.

My students have used very successfully it to create group presentations - albeit with more structure than the presentation I proposed.
I went to googledocs to contribute, but there was no toolbar to add a page or edit the existing page. Do we ask for your permission to participate?
Yes, you have the link but I also need an email to invite you to be able to contribute.
I sent you an email for an invite.
I agree with the the thoughts that powerpoint is overused. I was an overuser four months ago. I would have copied and pasted 50 photos into powerpoint instead of making a slideshow with something like photostory. and I am sure there are even better porgrams, software, webware out there that I haven't heard of.

Powerpoint is powerful though, and valuable.I have only taught it once and I think I missed the boat. Next time I plan on asking my students to use it to give a presentation, not just create something with a lot of animations.
Take a look at the video podcasts I have created in the Subjects section of our learning community site www.masterymaze.com. They are recorded powerpoint in Camtasia Studio! Not difficult and very powerful tool. Students love them as a review or reteaching method! My students ask for the review podcasts; they were the reason we decided to create the site so they could be shared by all. We are looking for contributions from other teachers as well!

Listen to the launch episode of MasteryCast on www.masterymaze.com for more info on how it all started.

Good Luck!
Yes, Alexei does quite good and uses very subtle visual skills in his document (look out for the changing numbers in the top right giving an animated effect. However, its a little long even for older students. I gave them the task of highlight their top ten slides and this made for a more effective presentation. Thanks
Hyperlinks were a hit at my last presentation. Presenting info as non-linear is pretty useful. You can use anything you need from here http://duboispd.wikispaces.com/



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