I have recently joined Classroom 2.0 and am very excited to see a group of teachers interested in using the web to help educate today's students! I have recently started to use podcasting in my gen ed inclusion history classes. I teach special needs students who have real reading and retention issues, yet need to be able to pass the regents exams in NY. Out of despiration, I decided to see if I could use the Ipods they were constantly using to review. I began to create review podcasts to download on their players. Surprisingly, my students were clammering for them! Kids who would not ever bring home a book were coming to me asking me for the podcasts. They would load them to their ipods and play them at practice, on the bus, or at work. My results changed dramtically!

I decided to start a website this summer to host my work so it can be used by others as well. We just launched www.masterymaze.com, and I am looking for feedback , participants and teachers who have similar work or are interested in creating similar work to collaborate! The site is designed for use by teachers AND students.

Please visit at www.masterymaze.com and let us know what you think! Please pass it on to any others who you know to help the site grow. The Blog and MasteryCast podcast contain info on the philosophy behind it!

We can do so much if we work together; I am looking forward to the opportunity! Thanks!

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I recently added a sample review podcast to a post in the DigiSkills group, if interested. Also, the launch podcast of MasteryCast is available in the videos here on Classroom 2.0. This is a screencast which I created with Camtasia Studio.

Sounds like a great, pioneering project!
You may enjoy joining the Inclusion Revolution group; there's a lot of thoughtful discussion there.
Keep us informed about what you discover, how things go.
Thanks. I am receiving alot of good feedback. I appreciate the support and pass the link to the site along so as to help create the learning community! All can use it. Thanks.


i am looking forward to being a part of the Inclusion Revolution group. It was the first thing i joined!. I will post periodically. I am going to be working with a SUNY professor on some research as well with my students. I am looking for other teachers in social studies who are interested in either using my podcasts, the site, or sharing similar work to be part of that, potentially, as well.

Please remember us when the research is completed! As you can see, there is interest here, and I would like to include the results on our pedagogy wiki. In fact, it would be nice to build up a separate page for research into the pedagogy of podcasts.
Absolutely. Also please spread the word to anyone else whio is interested in using the site for the same purposes. The more involved, the better. Thanks.
Please join the "Global Lean"

blog at http://globallean.edublogs.org
AND NING http://globallean.ning.com

Give the world a voice in a joyful celebration of diversity!

Thanks! Peggy Sheehy



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