As I've thought about the number of discussions I and others have had lately about how to introduce the tools of technology and Web 2.0 to educators who may feel over their heads or intimidated, it has occurred to me that with a slight bit of organization (and I'm thinking slight), we might create a volunteer "mentoring" program.

If I'm right in thinking that there are a lot of educators for whom these technologies will be pretty scary, and bringing them into the classroom even more so, then maybe this could make a real difference in helping bridge the gap between the "early adopters" and the "majority." [See] I guess it depends on the degree to which there is a desire to be helpful--which I think runs quite high in this group.

I've created a page on the wiki called "Mentoring Program," where someone can sign up to be a mentor, and someone else can sign up that they need a mentor. Say, for example, I love wikis, and I might be willing to take on helping one or two educators at a time to help them with getting started. I can decide how involved I'm willing to be, if I want to actually help with people locally or if I'll do it long distance, or how much time I'm willing to give.

Worth experimenting with? If it's a good idea, can you think of a better way to organize this?

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Yes, this is a great idea!
I am ready to sign up now, both for help (with blogging) and to help (especially with the psychological mind shift that occurs--and how to have fun with the change).
Let's go with this! It's likely to become a very important feature of the learning network.
Great idea! Now I need to think about what I am willing to mentor or learn.
This is a great idea! I would love to help with pretty much anything :)

Thank you, Steve, for doing so much to help teachers!



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