Looking for 3rd grade class for Math collaboration project...

Hello! I am a tech coordinator for a Minnesota public school. I've recently helped a couple of our 3rd grade math teachers begin a weekly "MathCast" episode, using voicethread.com.

It's completely student-created (except the teacher takes the photos). We've had great fun producing these!

You can check them out here to get a feel for what we're doing...

I'd love to see us begin a collaborative project with students from, well, anywhere! It would be fun for our students to end their MathCast with a problem for YOUR students to solve. Your students could then log in and record their narration, giving the answer and an explanation of how they solved it.

Voicethread.com allows teachers to get the "pro" account for free! This account allows you to create up to 30 profiles with the same login. So, you could have a class login, and each student uses the same username/PW combo, but they can have their own profile for recording.

We don't go that far; I just have the students record in a single profile under my account, at least for now.

So, if you have any interest in this, please get in touch with me. It might be great fun!



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I am not getting as much accomplished this year as I had hoped. I don't know what I can develop when it comes to collaboration due to my "isolation" from teachers. I am setting up spaces for my students on Wikispaces, and teaching my 5th Graders Scratch when we get back in January. Perhaps we could create a collaborative space on Wikispaces to post photos related to EM?

BTW, I can't fully load Classroom 2.0 on my school computer. I'll do my best to access this forum each day.
Hi Jesse,
I teach a third grade bilingual bridge class in Bridgeport, CT. We have been involved in a number of collaborative projects, but never math. Are you still looking for collaborators? Check us out at http://thebrainwaves.us
You might check with Jen, she's got some great collaborative projects.
Jesse - I hear you. We are just swamped over here and I'm having a hard time nailing down dates to even meet with teachers. Give it a little time and let me know.
I would be interested in doing something collaboratively as well. I teach 3rd grade currently in Illinois. Please let me know about this. I think the voicethread idea in the area of math-would really get students thinking and engaged.


Where are you located in Illinois? I just moved a year ago from Grayslake, north of Chicago. Maybe we could create a voicethread that several classes participate in.
Mount Prospect, Illinois. That sounds great. It doesn't necessarily have to be math, but think that may be easier to start with and then maybe venture out.

I'm having trouble getting blogs and other sites like Voicethread. How do you handle getting all your students using it? I still can't figure out how to get all my kids accessing it.

This whole online collaborating concept is still a tough thing for me.

I've never done it with a full group; it's always been with a select group of 3 or 4 students, and I assist them.
Count me in. I teach 3rd graders in Texas. They know how Voice Thread works and are eager to do another VT project.
Lori Reed
Cool, Lori! Can you tell us a little about the VT projects you've done so far?
Yes, I'd like to see a couple examples and some ideas how you got started. This shouldn't seem so hard, but I'm looking for a place to start. Thanks.



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