Hi everyone,

I just blogged about using Ning.com in the classroom...


...anyone aware of classes using it right now? Publicly viewable or otherwise? If so, please comment.



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I have used three ning networks in my classroom. A Calendar for teaching 19th century Lit, a bookshelf for book reviews from students, and a map of the schools in my district for looking at technology integration at those schools (this was before google came out with my maps). Let me know if you have any questions about these. I have really only had a lot of success with the bookshelf, however. The other ones, we picked up for a few days and then dropped.
Thanks BHWilkoff! Why do you think the bookshelf succeeded while the others struggled? -kj-
Hi Kevin,
I been using our Classroom 2.0 network in class this week. I told the kids I'd ask about good ways to tell a story with technology (with little Sculpy clay creations). I showed the kids the responses I got right away that day, and in the days that followed. The references are excellent, and come from people's experiences in educational settings. Cool--
It's a positive, dynamic model of a learning network.
The kids are taking it in, and already I see them using their Moodle accounts in a more sophisticated manner, as a learning network.
I think what will be interesting--and I've been waiting for it to happen--will be the day we get some students who sign up for Classroom 2.0.
Well, I could bring my class in right now if you'd like. They would be eager to participate. But there's a good deal to think about with regard to this. Are you sure you would like a bunch of 4th/5th graders setting up forums, responding with their views of things, and of course also being goofy? They'd take it seriously overall, and I'd guide them, but gosh--it'd change the nature of what's developed so far here. Since you're the originator of the site and would like to try this experiment with kids, I'm ready to try. I wonder what others think about this.
One question I've wondered about is how much merging you want to occur with this site. For instance, some schools could bring in large proportions of their educators, people could bring in other networks. I would like to bring in American Teacher Award honorees and their friends. I'm sure many people have many such groups they could bring. Would this make things unwieldy? Is the object to get more and more people? People of similar frames of mind? Kids who'd just like to participate? Should we just jump in and go?
Great questions Connie. I'm about to start teaching an intro to Web2.0 class and thinking about having all (18) of the teahers in my class join. I'm not sure how 4th and 5th graders would do here? Is there anything inappropriate we should worry about? I don't think so, but just wondering.
Great comments everyone...

Many of us have used wikis, discussion forums, moodle, and blogs etc. with students and the conversations have been just fine, no issues or problems, so why would a Ning classroom be different? Bring 'em on!

A well-worded, general AUP that covers acceptable use in all forms of electronic communication (and a district spine backing it up) should be enough for anyone to jump into Ning.

Sadly, it's not that easy at some districts, where (Tom as an example) Ning has already been blocked.

Hi all, I don´t think Ning.com is the best stuff used to be in a classroom at the moment. I like Classroom 2.0 but there are less tools available now!!! Actutally, CMS platforms are much more effectiv. But Ning is on a good way!
I've also run into this problem of it being blocked. I invited some faculty at another high school to join a private Ning site I created, but it is blocked in their district.

Thankfully our district decided to block many of these tools to faculty only, but then we can explore them and log students in, if necessary!
Has anyone set up a ning just for their class? I work at an online school and I'm looking for a (safe) way for my 100+ high school students to create a network for their American Government class. Is anyone using some of the other options out there (Facebook, etc.)? Do you think that ning is the best option for this?
I had my rough around the edges juniors maintain a Ning while reading The Great Gatsby. The all took on a role from the book or the historical time period. I was a blast!



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