I am a Tech Resource Teacher in our district and am the main trainer for Movie Maker/Vista for the city's teachers (around 900 total). We recently ran a city-wide assessment survey and the two top training requests were for Photo Story and for Movie Maker (way too cool!). Does anyone have some really good suggestions/ideas/stories about what you've done in the classroom?
I usually have a waiting list for my workshops and they fill up fast--the interest is there. My next one is for Photo Story for Art teachers in the city.
Many thanks!

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Check out for some examples.
Hi Brian - my 4th graders made movies in teams as part of the Monsters 2007 project. Kids were responsible for the script and costumes and I helped them break their scripts into scenes. Nothing fancy, just used MovieMaker for assembling the final videos. Our work is at this project LINK.

We were greatly influenced by the work of Mathew Needleman's kids!

What video service did you use for your website?
Is it the Class 2.0 Ning video?
Just wondering -- I have struggled to find a video sharing site for embedding that doesn't have advertising and is safe for kids to watch and follow the links (thus, I avoid YouTube and have some reservations about Google Video). TeacherTube is great but it seems as if it takes a long time to buffer.

I don't have a website--just a blog. I understand what you mean about the safety feature. I'm slowly getting used to Web 2.0 and all it has to offer.
We host our own movies on a rented web host account on a commercial shared server. It is very easy to do and quite inexpensive. We basically have all the server space that we could ever use for about $110/year including domain registration. It certainly can be done with even less money. The sites run free open source software that can be configured to embed video. That software is often easily installed with a few clicks form the site's "control panel." Before I embedded video, I just made links to the multimedia file uploaded to the server. Click the link and up came the video.

We don't have to worry about the other content and advertising at all this way. Additionally, we don't have to worry about giving away our rights to our content as is the case in some of these video sharing sites.

This approach is quick, easy, inexpensive, and gives us a great deal of freedom and flexibility. Let me know if you have more questions about this approach.

I don't have any recent videos up, but you can root around for them at There is an embedded audio file on the front page.

Thanks Terry--sat with a cup of hot cider (44 on the coast in Virginia is COLD) and watched them--how neat!
I'm glad to have influenced you in some way. Thank you for your kind words, Terry.
I have my sixth graders finishing up PSAs on Perseverance (a theme in their language arts text). I'm having fifth and third graders work on a stop action movie on shadow clocks. I should have some finished products to share in a few weeks from the sixth graders.
The PSAs are nice because they are short. I think they need to do 30-60 seconds to start out.
Hi Alice
What are shadow clocks?
You stand outside at different times of the day. The "traditional" method is to record your shadow by have a partner trace an outline of it. You point out how the shadow 'moves' as the day progresses and that pattern of movement. It's a nice into on planetary motion. In the movie, I'll have them take photos and string them together as a stop action.
I service grades K-6 and my K kids talk about shadows. I might try this the second semester. Thank you for your suggestion.
Oh, I forgot to share this resource:
It's a presentation done by Dean Shareski about teaching design and has some good tips about video projects. Wasn't sure if you had seen it.



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