I am a Tech Resource Teacher in our district and am the main trainer for Movie Maker/Vista for the city's teachers (around 900 total). We recently ran a city-wide assessment survey and the two top training requests were for Photo Story and for Movie Maker (way too cool!). Does anyone have some really good suggestions/ideas/stories about what you've done in the classroom?
I usually have a waiting list for my workshops and they fill up fast--the interest is there. My next one is for Photo Story for Art teachers in the city.
Many thanks!

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This is good! I'm presenting a workshop on Thursday and hope to use this as a resource.
Have you been to vidsnacks at ning? Also here is a kidvid site, never used it but it might be a good resource Don't know if there is anything there that could help.
AWESOME! I'm going to have to shut myself in a cave somewhere (or, disconnect the phone), and explore these sites. Thank you!
Your link took me to kidzbop - perhaps you meant this site - we do a video production class in our middle schools, and the teachers have used this resource site.
No I think we were talking about places to post kids vids and I meant to share kidzbop. I'd seen the kidsvid site also. Thanks for sharing.
No, I hadn't seen it. I plan to share it with my other colleague in the video department. I wonder if I can take my phone off the hook at my office and spend a whole day exploring these sites? Hmmmmmm....
Well, I am the Tech Facilitator at an elementary school and we are mac based but we use something similar w/ our video club and older kids. I start them out using imovie and a lesson I love showing them how to do is create a music video. I shoot the kids dancing to music. Then I put the footage on each student's machine. I then show the kids how to edit the footage, add transitions, effects, titles, etc. Once the videos are done, I burn them on a CD for them, and put some up on the web for all to view, you can view it by clicking here.

Also, we do podcats using garageband which is another thing you can consider.

I have successfully used Photo Story 3 for Windows in my advertising classes. As you likely know, it is very easy to achieve a Ken Burns' effect with still photos. I introduced students to the software using a simple Dr. Jean song ("Pizza Hut"), which required them to master transitions and timing. In subsequent assignments focused on products and services, they used 30 second tracks. Of course, the advertising aspect can be used to complement any content focus. As for Art teachers, Photo Story would seem a natural for an overview of a particular artist or art movement, including a narrated report on the part of students. I am training teachers on Photo Story 3 now as well, and there is a growing interest in using it to deliver instruction and for student projects. I have promoted it as an alternative assessment.

Kind regards,

I didn't read all of the Terms and Agreements at the freeplaymusic site. Can you use the music and then publish the project to a blog or website if it's for educational, non profit use?
Thanks for the info--I would think 30 seconds would fall under Fair Use?

The terms on the web site read that Freeplay Music's compositions and recordings may be used without a fee if they are for Educational, Non-Commercial use, limited to student use on school grounds for in classroom projects- non broadcast. I did not see a specific reference to educational web sites or blogs.

They do provide a contact for clarification. "For further clarification, please contact Freeplay Music at 212.974.0548 or or"

I will send an email for clarification.

In this day and age they need to consider the posting of the videos or podcasts elsewhere. I am a copyright fanatic but I'm one of few---I see some of the stuff others use and post without citation and I just cringe. Let me know if you hear from them. N



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