I am a Tech Resource Teacher in our district and am the main trainer for Movie Maker/Vista for the city's teachers (around 900 total). We recently ran a city-wide assessment survey and the two top training requests were for Photo Story and for Movie Maker (way too cool!). Does anyone have some really good suggestions/ideas/stories about what you've done in the classroom?
I usually have a waiting list for my workshops and they fill up fast--the interest is there. My next one is for Photo Story for Art teachers in the city.
Many thanks!

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Hi Beth--
I bet we're presenting at the same conference! I have a disc that I gave my participants at the end of the workshop on how they can integrate Movie Maker into the curriculum. Now, I have to just remember where I put the disc! I also addressed copyright issues, which all my handouts are on that same disc. I'll upload them to my blog once I find it and let you know. I present on that Monday at 4:00--maybe we can meet up.
Any chance you might upload some of those resources here, Brian?
Are you presenting at VSTE? I think that I am presenting on Tuesday sometime around 10 or 11. If you have anything from your presentation at your school/workshop....I'd love to see it.....what are you presenting at VSTE? This is the first time that I will be a presenter, so I am nervous and would like to do a good job. Looks like you have much more experience at these things than I do. :)
Have you read the work of Dan Meyers and others on doing a good presentation? I presented often and even nationally for 7-8 years and even though I don't present anymore, I learned a lot from them. Dan's blog is Search for "presentation" , you'll find it. Good Luck.
Thanks, Nancy, for this website. Beth--this is my first time presenting at VSTE, and I'm nervous also. I've been to some pretty bad presentations and always took note of what they did that I found frightfully boring (you know, you sit there wanting to bang your head against the wall) and took note of what caused me to drift off. I get these nightmares of looking up and everyone has passed out on the floor, or there's this thundering of footsteps of people running out the door screaming and papers settling to the floor as the last person escapes. I plan to look it over.

Oddly enough, my presentation sounds like a dissertation: Breaking Into the Mind of the Unmotivated Student: How to Lower the Stress of the Teacher. I've done some research on what tricks to do with technology integration that will grab the unreachable student and still take test scores up.
Be anxious to "see" your presentation and findings when you are finished. One of the posts Dan Meyer referred to is worth a look. There is another one I can't find, but if I do I'll send it to you. In the meantime, enjoy learning the art of presenting from Dan Meyer (a very young math teacher).
I have had nightmares about the same thing. I attended ETLC at the Hotel Roanoke last week and I felt so sorry for one presenters in a the end of the presentation many of the audience members were trying to correct her, were interrupting, etc, etc....the presenter was so sweet, I felt sorry for her. :(

I think the biggest problem that I am facing about my upcoming presentation is that I am not sure who my target audience it ITRTs, classroom teachers, or administrators? Mine is called "Lights, Camera, Movie Maker!" ....Yours sounds interesting....I could use all the help in that area that I can!! It looks like I am writing a dissertation with my reply :)
Sounds like some rude audience members to me, Beth. I would be furious as a presenter if people acted like that.

My advice for presentations is to make some aspect of it interactive -- make them do something and get their attention that way. Perhaps you have them storyboard out a simple project in a curriculum area. Or you have them write and share out their reflections on why they want to use Moviemaker and the rationale for movies in the classroom. If you can draw them in and try to avoid having them just sitting there, staring at you and fidgeting in their seats, you will find that they will almost all be with you. (One advice I was given once is that a workshop audience is divided in three parts: the folks who are already doing what you presenting; the folks who want to learn; and the folks who have wandered in for no good reason. You need to shoot for the middle crowd and use the experienced crowd as partners in conversations and activities. The third crowd? You try to get them engaged but don't waste all of your energy there)

At least, that is my experience in giving presentations and workshops through the National Writing Project (where we almost always have people write into a presentation -- such as, what project do you have in mind could be enanced through the use of moviemaking? -- and then write out of the presentation and then share out to the larger group -- such as, how will you implement your project and what hurdles remain for you?).

Good luck -- I am sure you will do fine.

Great ideas.....thanks for taking the time to share. I am going to take your ideas and work on making the session interactive. I am glad that I have stumbled on to this discussion. This is the first time I have really used the 2.0 social network. What a great support system! Thanks again!! --Beth
Beth/Kevin/Nancy: I have taken your ideas and started working on my presentation today. My colleagues are going to be critiquing in practice presentation sessions, and I'll be sharing what's been shared here. Beth: as for your audience, for mine, I checked the "for all audiences" area--it sounds like that will be yours too. I'm looking forward to meeting you (and, I think my boss said that this year we (department) can stay at the Hotel Roanoke instead of an outlying parcel! No more finding a parking place!
No problem
(I hope it was helpful)
I am sure you will do a wonderful job.
Let us know how it goes and maybe share some of the workshop with us?

Beth: I uploaded to my blog (I'm at work right now) and had to switch computers to get to Classroom 2.0--it's under workshops/Movie Maker. Is this the kind of stuff you were talking about? If not, let me know:



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