A vision for a 21st century school district - from a School Board

Just saw this in the Rocky Mountain News, A vision for a 21st century school district. The school board says, "It is hard to admit, but it is abundantly clear that we will fail the vast majority of children in Denver if we try to run our schools the same old way."

The opinion piece goes on to lay out a vision that includes: great principals, excellent teachers, school choice, site level control, monitoring progress, and greater transparency.

They conclude: "In this new century, every child's success is no longer merely a matter of rhetoric. It is a moral imperative. That pressure we all feel derives from something much nobler than "No Child Left Behind" or CSAP scores. What is at stake is the future of our democracy, and we know that 21st century kids will not succeed with 20th century skills."

So, is this empty rhetoric, or a board that's ready to embrace School 2.0? Any Denverites here?

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Hmmm....better late than NEVER! i just joined this group...and am a Denverite (I live in Arvada) This quote is the most exciting thing that I have heard in a while..we need more people thinking like this and we need them NOW!

I am working with DPS as a learning consultant with their Librarians and Tech Teachers on 21st Century learning- especially inquiry this year in their staff development... So we are chipping away at this. Would love to see more systemic support and interest all around as well. Maybe there is HOPE!
I found an archive of the full article at --> http://communications.dpsk12.org/newsroom/307/224/

Here are 2 other quotes I liked:

"The people who work heroically in the Denver Public Schools deserve a system that better supports them in their professional work and allows [and maybe even encourages and supports?!?!?] them
to use their considerable talents to the fullest extent possible for the success of our children."

That's what we're missing at the district level where I work.

"First, nothing is more essential to a great school than a great principal acting as an instructional leader. An instructional leader knows and respects her faculty for its professional accomplishments and holds the community's high expectations in her sights at all times. She knows what grade-level work looks like. She is an expert in developing her faculty's mastery of teaching. She ensures that her school has a compelling academic vision to tell the community."

In my school right now we we have a guy who has made the classic error of all first year teachers: he is trying to be a friend to all and is ending as a leader of none.
I whole heartily agree. I just gave a presentation to my district advisory meeting. This consisted of community members, parents, and the district executive team (superintendents). I show the video A Vision of a K-12 Student and the parents applauded at the conclusion. However, the audience members were asked to discuss the video and how students of our district were being prepared for the 21st Century, the conversation slipped into Web 1.0 talk.

The big challenge is not the technology, nor the teacher, nor the student. The challenge is LEADERSHIP. I can not tell you how many articles I read about failed programs or failed attempts to implement technology, or just the lack of technology. All of the attempts to infuse technology were missing leadership.

If any thing is going to happen education to prepare our students for the 21st Century, it will need to come from leadership. Parent leadership, technology leadership, teacher leadership, student leadership, principal leadership, community leadership, I can go on! If it is really going to happen we have to lead the way!

Lets talk about Leadership 2.0!
That is an AWESOME video!!! I am going to post it on my wiki COLearns@ wetpaint.com

Fantastic! You are right Antwon!!! This has GOT to stop being a bottom up change- we've got to start moving from the top down.

As the video suggests we MUST teach teacehrs to be learners and what inquiry and 21st Century learning IS so they can be open to the needs of our students. WOW

I am SO interested in this work...I am going to spend the rest of my career working toward this goal. Thanks for your post!



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