What have you learned through a Professional Learning Community/Network recently?

PLC/N: Twitter - I have learned what it feels like to receive a helping hand from someone who can teach me how to learn what I want to know.

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I have learned from Susan Sedro through Google chat about how to overcome some problems with Voice Thread, although I started to talk to her on Twitter. I have Skype chatted with Sharon Peters about Google presentations and this is just in the last 3 days. I have learnt from Twittering about cool sites and tools, about live presentations and about what's going on with people. Everyday I learn something new from my Professional Learning Community
Hi Jo, I am learning how to navigate Classroom 2.0 while preparing to do a presentation to the district leadership team tomorrow about our PLC initiative. I wanted to share my experiences, which by the way are similar to yours, with Twitter and and Skype., but this discussion will give us more to talk about. My first attempt at starting a discussion. Thank you for your examples. Regards, Dennis
Hi Dennis--

For me, I have learned almost everything I know about using technology in the classroom from other teachers and networks. Our Tech director in our district got me started with podcasting. The results were/are spectacular and it has caused me to continue to want to learn more. I have been on the web ever since and this past month launched my own site to hold my work for easy access by my students and anyone else who is interested in using it. The one thing I know is that we as teachers do not have enough time to do it on our own. We can do a much better job it we share and together there is no limit as to what we can do!

Sue P.
Hi Sue P,
I love the passion in your pronouncement, "The results were/are spectacular and it has caused me to continue to want to learn more." You obviously are part of a vibrant PLC.
I learned about two collaborative classroom projects. One is called Classroombraids which I am working on with my fifth grade students. The other project is called 1001 Flat Tales which I will work on with my seventh and eighth grade students. Classroombraids came as a request on this Classroom 2.0 ning. The other one is one that I saw on Twitter. I also learned via Twitter (today) that I would have trouble uploading photos from my Max OS X Leopard to VoiceThread.com until Flash provides an update. I also now know that I can still load files to VoiceThread via a Flickr account. I teach K-8 computers and sixth grade math at a small PK3-8 grammar school.
Hi Ann,
I saw the same tweets on Leopard and VoiceThread. Check out http://tinyurl.com/24jo4g : The good news is that Adobe has released an update to the Flash plugin that fixes the problem that was plaguing Flash uploaders across the web. Mac OS Leopard users who are unable to upload can get this update via this link. and they should be all set.
Keep on learning!

I work for a regional agency. My main job is in teacher training and support. Every day I learn about new resources and new ways of using technology in the classroom. Today I was invited to look at and edit a document in Buzzword. Buzzword is an online word processor that done in flash so it is extremely quick. The neat thing is the commenting and sharing feature. Teachers can follow he entire writing process and leave comments on the students work. They can also view old versions of the same paper.

I also learned about Editgrid, an online spreadsheet that can be edited my two or more people at the same time. Students in small groups could have their own sheet within a document and then bring all the data together in one sheet.

Not to mention that both of these provide word processing and spreadsheet programs and export for students who don't own office at home or for schools who want to cut cost.

That's what I have learned from people I know but have never met. That's why I spend time online.

The last thing I learned today was from your blog. We were at BLC07 together.

Hi Jim,
What a great story. You obviously have a well developed PLC on the web. BLC was great for me. Also K12Onlineconference.org 2007 took me to a new level of understanding.
Building my Twitter network over the past few months, I've learned to rely more on the web as a learning platform using Ning, Flock, Flickr and YouTube among other resources to support my teaching practice in vocational training.
Hi Simon,
I find it fascinating to read all the different places where the colleagues in our PLC reside on the internet. It is like little villages where people gather to speak about important things related to k12 leadership and learning.
Thanks for your comments.
I put together a list of "old" (tools they'd already used) and new (tools the haven't seen yet) Web 2.0 options that my kids are using. You can see it here I learned about some of the tools yesterday from Larry Ferlazzo. Thanks Larry.
Hi Nancy,
Your list of tools is a great resource. Lots of tools I do not know. Larry was very helpful to you, I see. What age(s) are the kids? What percentage of the tools are they already using?



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