Hey everybody, I need a little help. I really like to use Jing for quick tutorials in my online courses. I have a little problem though. When I try to embed the code into our online learning environment (ANGEL) the videos are HUGE!! I've tried changing the height and width tags in the HTML code, but that just crops the window, it doesn't resize the whole thing. I know I can link them to the URL, but sometimes it's nice to just have the video right there. Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated!

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Hi Michelle,

As far as I can tell you can't resize Jing videos on their sharing site. It drove me crazy too. I've just been linking to them instead.

I'd recommend taking TechSmith up on their offer of a free (old) version of Camtasia if you'd like more flexibility.

In my experience, Jing has much better quality video than this older version, but it's only good for quick and dirty recording. Not as good for specialized projects and slicker instructional materials (difficult to edit).

Thanks! I'll look into Camtasia, but my big problem is that I mostly use my Mac for this stuff. Maybe I'll have to voice my frustration to the powers that be in the Jing world and they'll add a feature in future upgrades.
I really like iShowU on my Mac. It works really well and only costs $20. In addition the video is available the instant you stop capturing. You don't have to wait for it to render when you're done its done!

I was looking into Jing as well but felt that is was limited and was not sure how long it would be free. We use SnapZpro instead which is a great application for a mac for making video tutorials.

Hi Michelle,

Have you tried screencast-o-matic? They have a couple sizes to choose from before you capture including a 640x400. You can link to them, embed or download and put the movie wherever you want. You are limited to 15 minutes. And you should test the videos at your school first, since proxys and other things could interfere.




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