I am interested in studying computer lab spaces / layouts within schools. I would like to know if any of you would / could send me pictures of your computer lab layouts / spaces. I would also like pictures of the pictures / artifacts that are hanging on the walls in the computer lab.

Thank you for responding and considering this request.

PS - attach pictures here (others may be interested in seeing)

James Folkestad
Colorado State University

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Thank you. I love the art work... very creative! If you get a chance can you send me a picture of your new lab?

Best regards,

Here are a few links that show my lab at the beginning of the year (before the clutter set it!). The computers are great, but the tables we just have to work with. I'm looking for suggestions too!

we're about to do a pretty big renovation at our school and one of the things calls for a new lab. I would like this space designed so it looked more like a creative design house, and not a lab. I want the look and feel of the space to promote conversation, collaboration, and small team type of work. One of the things we're doing is setting up a circular meeting/conference table with 4 chairs in the studio-this will serve as a place for students to do some planning as part of the creative process.

I've been thinking of round tables or something like that as one element. We're also going to put some/all of the computers on tables/desks that roll. This will allow the space to be fairly flexible...for example, our music teacher will be able to place 5-6 computers right in her classroom for her digital music composition class from time to time.

Nice thread...thanks for shaing the photos.


This sounds great! These are the ideas that I am interested in... you may want to take a look at Christian's blog post about the learning organization "Printing for Less." Does anyone have additional resources discussing lab design or collaborative learning environments?

Best regards,


Would you share your before renovation and after renovation pictures?


You bet I will share pictures, Jim. Right now we're still in the design phase and two to three years away from completion (we almost have the final building/architects drawings). I'll try to get the over head drawing of the space attached here, although that is not too exciting b/c it looks more like a "lab" from the overhead view.

Thanks for reference to the blog post...I'll chck that out.

Hey Wade-

In the studio space they'll be hardwired...we're trying to create an electrical raceway w/data along one wall in the chorus room when they go in there. But if we can't get data, we'll just use the WiFi system for connectivity.

My lab space looks a lot like Nancy''s except I have the new wide scrren flat monitors. In the back I have a collabortive workspace with pens, markers, ect. I have wall space covered with student projects and a long table against the wall to display the 3D models'. Depending on the grade level and or project you might find a wooden doll house created form a sketchup design. Sugar cubes castle created from spreadsheets, lego creations that match the lego digital designer program. Each month I have one of the grade levels take a virtual project to the real world design stage. I like to have themactually build from their designs- do postcasts or powerpoints about the procees
Here is a link to a slideshow with my lab pics. Hope this helps!

As a "Digital Arts" teacher, my classroom is a computer lab and I've created a layout based on my teaching style and needs. If you click on the panoramic phot, you can view a map of my room. As you can see it's laid out with a main "teacher control center" with "L-shaped" rowes of computers on either side. This is both a way for me to easily see what students are doing at their stations from one point as well as to provide every student with a view of the screen in the front of my room. During "front of the room instruction, I have plenty of room to move around in my central corridor and can access the screen (equipped with a Mimeo Interactive - like a Smartboard) with ease. At any rate, I've uploaded several photos of my classroom in response to this discussion request. You'll see from the more deatailed artifacts photos that I try to use the wall space surrounding the students as a way to inform, inspire, and motivat. I hope these are helpful!

A map of my classroom layout.

Looks like a fun place to be--is the "escape" key on the inside or outside of the room. It looks like your class might be an escape for many. N
It's on the inside of my room for when my students Exit. The outside has an "Enter" key on a poster to invite students in. Thanks for the compliment. Of course the content is what makes my class an escape.



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