Hi, I'm Helen, and I've been a lurker for a loooong time - well in Classroom 2.0 terms a long time!

But now I'd like to get your opinions for some research I'm doing into Gilly Salmon's 5-Stage Model and E-tivities framework.

Gilly Salmon's 5-stage model and e-tivities framework have been used successfully to support learning in a variety of contexts, courses, disciplines, types and levels of education from schools all over the world, to Masters courses, to continuing professional development.

On behalf of the University of Leicester Beyond Distance Research Alliance I would like to find out how these models have been applied in learning and teaching across the world in the last ten years. I know that teachers have used them in a variety of different ways, adapting and developing the models to suit their own purposes. As part of the background to a new book, I would like to find out about the models in practice. The general results of this research will be made available to all practitioners.

If you have used the 5-stage model or e-tivities in any way, even adapted, please respond either here, in the Classroom 2.0 forum, or, if you prefer to respond offlist (as it were), by taking our online survey:


OR you can contact me, Helen Whitehead at helen@reachfurther.com

I'd love to know what early innovators like yourselves think.

Some references:

E-moderating: The Key to Teaching and Learning Online, Gilly Salmon, (2004) Routledge Falmer
E-tivities: The Key to Active Online Learning, Gilly Salmon, (2002) Routledge Falmer


Helen Whitehead
E-learning consultant and researcher

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Is there no-one out there who's interested in models for effective collaborative interaction online? If you don't use Salmon's models - what other frameworks or rubrics do you use to encourage student discussion?

Thanks for bringing the Gilly Salmon model to my attention. It appears to be very naturalistic in its design, because that is how I brought myself in the interactive world of e-learning. How serendipitous! I am currently using technology to develop my professional development collaborative learning groups. I just turned in my professional development plan to bring others into collaborative learning groups, so I will keep you updated. I think that I could use this model as a rubric and a guide for progress in my activities and collaborations with teachers, parents and students.
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