What 'Tech Tool' Has Had The Greatest Impact On Your Teaching?

I am wondering what tech tools have had the greatest impact on your teaching and student learning. What has really transformed how you go about the teaching/learning process?

By tech tools, I mean: gadgets, smartboards, web2.0 tools, browser plug-ins, software, etc....a very broad definition.

I think it would be handy to create a list here of what people really use on a day to day basis. Of particular interest would be tools that were not used in the recent past but have now become a "must have" :)

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I wrote this article a while ago, but it might be of use explaining what a smartboard is.
The teachers in this project are using a tablet like the CPS chalkboard. In a perfect world as an instructor I would love a tablet, but I agree they are still too heavy and expensive to pass around. I don't love my tablet PC any less though!
Now if they had asked us to name them we would be more creative, I do love teaching with the schoolpad/chalkboard slates, digital slates might be a good term. I have an esl teacher that uses her "slate" everyday in math. Her kids are so engaged it is wonderful to watch! She is a different teacher using this tool!
GeoGebra an open source tool for learning geometry and algebra concepts in grade 9 and grade 10. I am amazed to see the learning outome of students. Also it has helped me in creating their interest in geometry. A mathematics teacher must download it from www.geogebra.org
Its Free!
I have never heard of this, but it looks amazing. Is it easy to use?
GeoGebra is a powerful software . It is very easy to use. A teacher may create instruction sheets on using this software. I have uploaded some lessons on geometry in GeoGebra wiki. The link for reference is http://www.geogebra.org/en/upload/index.php?&direction=0&or...

Try using it and share your experience.
Again it depends on your needs, for me doing a lot of multi-media stuff and running a TV studio for our El Ed school I would say Wirecast. http://varasoftware.com/products/wirecast/

Also, I love the apps from Ambrosia which you can find by going here, I'm particularly fond of SnapZpro and Wiretap, http://www.ambrosiasw.com/news/.

Finally for my digital art club I would say Pixie or Tech4learning apps which you can find here http://tech4learning.com/

There probably isn't a day when I don't use one of the applications from the ilife suite to create podcasts, DVD's, digital storytelling, etc.
My company offers a free social learning tool at www.flashcardfriends.com we'll start telling the press about it in January, but I'd love to get feedback from the people here first. It enables teachers and students to create online flashcards (complete with images and sounds) and then share them, learn them and test yourself. So far it is spreading by word of mouth at my kids school, and the kids and teachers love it. Ironically, the most popular thing is spelling (try spelling it's pretty cool). Let me know what you think at mike (at) flashcardfriends.com.
Excellent idea about making a list.

I'd definitely have to add Moodle as my top tech tool. For me, it's become the catchall for new technologies. If I want to try various Web 2.0 features (think Letterpop, Quizlet, etc.), I like to place them in my Moodle class. All my American History resources can be centrally located in this terrific open source program.
No doubts, Moodle iis too good.
The second tool which has impacted on my teaching is Photostory 3. It has added a new dimesion in learning mathematics. I click photographs using my camera and then make picture lessons using this software. Children love to watch the stories. You may add music, your own voice to make it more interesting. Its wonderful!!!

Could you elaborate more about "Smart music", I'm curious. I teach EFL/ESL and music is a great, wide open door for language acquisition (so close to inquisition this is :))

I really think that this is a great idea, listing the tools we find that have transformed our teaching.....

What it says to me, the responses anyway -- is that there are many ways to swat a fly. Depends on the audience and the needs/content. So many educators using such a variety of great tools. There is no longer one or two ways for us as educators. Just a web that wanders towards "learning".

I"m big on tools that allow us to motivate students. I think at the end of the day, if a tech tool really empowers the student - it is great. This could range from an cool coloured pencil to an electric guitar to a blog to a beam projector which allows the best videos to be shared.......for me the best tool is NING. Used right it allows students to collaborate, design and share but in a very visual/music/video fashion. Not like moodle or a wiki or a blog even......the future is social networking with a content egg. As I see it.

But as we see from the responses...there are a plethora of possible futures. Which is fine by me, so long as we are looking after the future.....


I'll second photostory 3 but with a few caveats (so much potential but it is wasted because it lacks some very simple features/user oriented functions).



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