We are taking a big leap next year, moving to 1:1 tablet learning. We are starting with a pilot project for grades 9 & 10, moving towards tablet from grade 7 to 12.
I am very excited about this initiative, but also just a touch nervous. As is so often the case, those making the decisions are not conversant with all the nitty gritties, and pass on the responsibility of implementation to, well, to me.
I am looking for anything useful - from strategies that work to success stories, to resources to perils and pitfalls to be avoided. If anyone has anything to share, I would love to hear it!


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The way we are implementing it is as a pilot program in grades 9 and 10. Those teachers who are most keen and adept will be running those classes. I am curious if you rolled out by grade, or in a patchwork fashion across many grades?
We had teachers from all grade levels K-12. So it wasn't all tenth grade teachers or all ninth grade teachers but rather those teachers who a.) showed a keen interest b.) were somewhat tech saavy (at least the first group). I echo Tonya's sentiments...you need to get those teachers trained early on...otherwise you're setting them up for a potential fall. The tablets are powerful machines...if used properly.

If you do make it to CCDS, plan on stopping over to our district to see what we're doing. (You can come and see us anytime!) I think we could help lessen the huge, steep learning curve.
That would be wonderful!

I think there is a perception that if we went with partial implementation in the first year, that we would be forcing parents to buy the machines and they would only be getting half of the benefit. But then, our teachers are quite flexible, so juggling staff appropriately to place them in grades 9 and 10 is not a major logistical issue. Having the tablets carry forward by grade also means the purchase lasts longer in the school. As well, it means we can implement the tech support in increments.
Just curious how you were funded? I am currently researching grant processes and wonder what the process was for you. Did you already have a tablet pc to begin with? Any information would be helpful:)
Actually, we're not. We are a private school, so the machines will be purchased by the students. We have partnered with a company that will supply the tablets, create and manage a master disk image, and handle warranties. The machines can be leased for those who want that option, which spreads the cost out a bit.
Who is the company?
The company is MIAD, which is canadian based (we are in Toronto).
If you do find good sources of funding, I'd love to hear about them, too!
Hi Ed,
At my school we're coming towards the end of the 1st year of 1:1 student implementation in 9th/10th grades, so it's similar to your plans. We had more accidental damage than I would have liked, so I'll be focusing on how we train the rising 9th graders much more for the 08-09 year. Overall though, I think the biggest thing is working on developing momentum among faculty to adapt instruction to take advantage of activities that employ technology in meaningful ways. We have a Tablet users group over on our ning at: http://isenet.ning.com/group/tabletpcusers

regards, Demetri



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