I was wondering if anyone else has ordered or received the XO Laptop from the One Laptop Per Child project. I decided to take part and the little green machine arrived yesterday via FedEx. In just a few minutes, my three year old son and I were taking pictures, shooting goofy videos and recording audio.
I hope to spend some more time over holiday break on it, seeing what is possible with the machine. But this wiki is chock full of applications for the laptop, although some are still in development.
If anyone else is part the effort, I would love to know about their discoveries.


PS: here is a video I found that was kind of neat.

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Hi Kevin - we have an XO laptop group here in Classroom 2.0 - check it out. My XO has not arrived yet.

I should have thought to look for a group.
I'll go do that now.
I have had the chance to play with one over the last week or so. I am just so in love with it already (see my blog posting about it here).

I teach 7th and 8th grade science in a middle school. My principal is seriously considering getting the XOs (or maybe the Asus Eee) for all our incoming 5th graders next year.

I would be interested in hearing from anyone who is using the 1:1 laptop model. Especially from any with XOs.
I ordered an XO n December and am waiting for delivery . I sent several emails to which I got the very same auto response. Today was my lucky day because I got an email telling me I had reached a real live person, and that they would be contacting their partners in the distribution system to process my order. So I am hopeful I will see it soon. There has apparently been some difficulties with the distribution system,

The OLPC wiki has some neat pictures of the children and teachers in Mongolia using the laptops. I looking forward to seeing this new technology up close and personal. I am also helpful that it will be a wake up call for Dell and Apple to make a more kid friendly laptops.

When I get it I'll post again
I am a special educator and am very excited about what this computer can be for people who have augmentative communication needs in the developing economies. At ASHA this past November there was a very cool poster board by a P.h.D. student from Penn State on the topic. I think that if it had a touch screen it would have completely rocked the US market for AAC devices. I blogged about it here: http://alltogether.wordpress.com/2007/11/25/olpc-and-aac-for-the-de...

Also, it is such a good instigator about the sincere need for one to one computing in public education in the States.

By the way, I love my XO! I really am excited to help foster excellent applications or activities come into being. Right on that there is a group on this ning!
I appreciate your take on the special education possibilities of the XO.
It may seem strange, but I think that the small keyboard requires the user to slow down in a way that I think can be productive.
I hope you don't have to wait too long.
The latest from OLPC-they ran out of inventory computer is now expected to be delivered at the end of March/April time frame.. Looks like a bit more waiitng



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