Does anyone know of a good video hosting/streaming site that allows you to embed video into another website without advertising attached? I am willing to invest a bit of cash for such a service, and I had one last year that worked perfectly for me but now seems to have gone belly up.

What I want to do is share original puppet shows on my school website and avoid the YouTube, Google Video, etc, links to offsite places. I just want the videos embedded in one webpage that I have created.

I would turn to TeacherTube, but lately, it seems as if the buffering in its embedded videos takes forever (or is that just me?)

Any advice would be most appreciated.


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Hi Kevin,
We have limits on file size on our school site now, so I am looking for alternate ways to publish student work too. How about wikispaces? It has worked for me so far for short and even longer video we have made. Some 4th grade students have put their own videos on their wikispace too.

I want to try out the other ideas here too-thank you.
So here is my experiment.

I converted a movie to flash, and then uploaded it to my existing Box.Net account, made it a public link, and then inserted the link into some html code.

Will it work?

I think it worked
Thanks to everyone for their help with this issue. I appreciate the feedback and advice. I did find a path to accomplish what I wanted to do for the class puppet shows.

I just blogged about my experience, if you are interested:




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