We love Animoto! In just a few short minutes I created a short video which my students can use for review. It highlights some of the pictures contained in masterycasts on our learning community site. How is everyone using this great tool? Has anyone had students use it, and if so, how?

Here's a peek at the quick masterycast video made in Animoto!

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The sixth graders did some videos on the kids in our class. Two of the girls did an video on emotions. In some ways Animoto is too easy. Once the kids have done one they don't seem real excited to do more---I guess if you had a subscription you could make a bigger impact. Maybe doing videos on happiness, or prejudice, or self might make the kids think more than videos on pandas, dogs or bunnies.
I see what you are saying. Another way would be to have the kids take the pictures as well! I teach high school social studies and think it could be useful for many concepts and also for review. Just the process of compiling the info could be of value. Once completed, I think they would watch it as well! I wonder if there is a way to include text other than through a photo? I just played with it a bit and found it to be great to use with pictures I have for my podcasts. I threw the pics in with the music I have for the podcasts and DONE! I teach inclusion and anything visual will help many of my students to remember information. Also, it is so easy that I think it can be actually something I can use without taking too much class time. I also wonder if you can get a class subscription? I am interested to see how others are using it. Thanks!
I've been lucky getting "free" subscriptions for my class to some sites (like floorplanner.com) I emailed the Animoto guys and they did not offer a free membership and said they were looking into school accounts. BTW, have you seen Travian? Since you teach social studies it may be a good find for your kids. I had some questions about the chats and forum (were they safe for kids? how to get accounts for all my kids? etc. ) so I emailed the guy and he called me at 7:00 am from Munich!! He said he wanted his game to be the Steiff equivalent in the game world--(referencing the famous teddy). Check it out. N.
I just created an account. I liked it. I picked up some photographs . In between a message appeared ....photographs more than 15... what is the difference between 30 sec videos and other? Is it paid or free ?
Thanks for this information.
The cost was $30 per year for unlimited use. I am going to ask about a class subscription. There is no question that the options are limited. I see it as potentially useful in my high school class, however, as I have no time to train and we can make things quickly. For me, it is not so much about the product as the process, and I see my students watching the product which can help review throughout the year!
We can share the results with other students! It is so easy. :)
It is fast and pretty fancy for the amount of effort. I agree, it has some limitations.
Hi Wade, I don´t want to say that the educational benefits are small. It´s a great way for students to produce videos in this way. Have a look at one of my ANIMOTO videos I´ve posted justr right now at the main blog!
I think you hit the nail on the head here. Having a nice automatic tool for a quick flashy video is fine. But if students are learning about the power of the medium, they need to have control and learn how to use that control. Animoto doesn't allow that, and I think it's why students would get tired of it quickly.
I have also used Photostory 3 with students and found it quite interesting and easy.
We used animoto for fast production of media to showcase recent events, eg the annual sports dinner, a workshop - both staff and students liked it. Would love 1 min vids for free for educators, I even made that request, but I heard nothing back.
I think that ANIMOTO can be used as an intro to creating audio visual messages. The ease of creating clips can draw students into the world of telling audio-visual stories. The MTV- like products will be well liked by the students and may be used to draw them into trying to make audio visual statements. I think that after they create clips easily they can be shown more meaningful digital stories and be motivated to create digital stories with more planned messages using Voice Thread, Photostory or Movie Maker.
The Animoto clips can also be used "cover" school events, summarize learning units, opening activity for lesson or learning activities.
Example of clip "covering" a three day trip around Israel of 12th grade class:

A teacher's Chanuka party:

A clip covering an outdoor art exhibit on Rothschild Blvd. in Tel Aviv, depicting different views of our global World. Note the integration of he globes with images of Tel Aviv streets and buildings:

I also tried to get Animoto to give a gratis education account but only got a "let's wait and see" reply. If Animoto allows a class or even a whole school to use one pro acc't - then $30 a year is not terribly expensive.



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