We love Animoto! In just a few short minutes I created a short video which my students can use for review. It highlights some of the pictures contained in masterycasts on our learning community site. How is everyone using this great tool? Has anyone had students use it, and if so, how?

Here's a peek at the quick masterycast video made in Animoto!

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I agree. Thanks for the info!
I forgot to mention that Animoto wasn"t embeddable in wikispaces because of problems with widget code. Animoto techies didn't solve the problem, but Wikispaces Team did. (Thanks Dom and Adam!).
See example at the middle of this wiki page.
I teaching various literature courses online. I have found Animoto to be helpful in setting up a one minute flash by of "cool reads". There is something entrancing about seeing the books and then reading them. I also use the program more or less as intros to various topics. I have found it difficult because I teach in different locations. Many school districts today are locking down their firewall to the point that you can't access such sites as Animoto, TeacherTube, etc At that point it also becomes an issue of how many files and how large a hard drive you need to have in your portable arsenal.
I totally understand. I created my site for that very reason. It was very difficult for me to use the school server for my podcasts. It is also really great to be able to share what we create! I could not so that behind a password on the school site.

I am looking for collaborators on my site. I will give access to others to upload their work. Because we are relatively young, and I have almost 50% student users, I need to maintain some control at this point, but I am willing to open it up to those with a similar interest. More on that to come in a future post.

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

I just got this email from the Animoto guys. Don't know if you need this info--but here it is. Don't know if it applies to the "free" videos.

Happy New Year, everyone!

A quick announcement. Since so many of you have been asking for this, we thought we'd let everyone know: we just released Animoto Downloads. You can download any of your full-length videos in high quality and play them offline, upload them to your favorite video sharing site like YouTube, or put them on your iPod/iPhone.

For more info: http://animoto.com/help/faq/downloads.

Enjoy! And as always, never hesitate to write us if the fancy strikes.

The guys at Animoto
Thanks Nancy
The Animoto download mechanism works only for long clips (people who have purchased a year-pass). Download as Quicktime mp4 file.
However clips can be downloaded as flv flash files by using third party downloaders like Real Audio player or Download Helper add-on for Firefox.



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