Add a "human" element to your website. Check out my new Voki avatar at META Web 2.0.

avatar, and then publish to your blog or website. Use your Voki avatar to introduce topics or aid with instruction for those that are better audio/visual learners.

Get a Voki now!

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Thanks for getting the good Voki word out there!
I hope your students (and teacher colleagues) are enjoying Voki.
Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help get your students talking!
Hey there Team Voki! Thanks!
Hey Frank, that is really good to have the software people talk to us like that. Well done!! Thanks Voki, may take you up on that offer soon.
Jejeje (laughing in Spanish) ,,, now my Voki is also being talked about on Spanish sites. Here they are showcasing different ways that people use Vokis ... and they mention that I use mine to greet people to me Site and then tell them what's new to look for.

I do usually change my Voki every day and direct visitors to key new stories or features

Also, check out my new educational blog at
Frank’s Faces of Web 2.0 ★ 21st Century Teachers
Hi Frank. The Voki team have left a message on my blog too. You message is spreading. - Vokis in the Classroom.
Anybody know why adverts have suddenly started appearing on Voki avatars... anybody have the same problem?

It's not appropriate to have ads to College Idol... we're not in the US, none of my kids would have a clue what it is!
Hi clive, I have heard someone else complain about that feature on vokis but I cannot quite remember who it was. Maybe someone needs to approach voki to see if they would allow an educational area which is ad free.
Good idea Anne. I've tried to contact Voki in the past and had no joy from them.. not even a reply! It's pretty difficult to find an e-mail contact on their site.
I wonder how long some of these fun tools are going to be free or ad free? Reminds me of my first years at NECC--companies like Classroom Connect, Blackboard, eboard, Riverdeep, and Big Chalk filled the exhibition hall wth free product. A few years later 1/2 were gone and 1/2 were subscription.
Exactly... and I wish they would take their Voki name/logo off of the characters.. I had a teacher who loved this tool. She created a Voki to embed all throughout her wiki. Kids loved it. It was a great way for her to deliver instructions or provide gentle nudges about topics.. She wasn't having her students use it.. However, one savvy child (5th grader) saw the logo, went on to the site at home and created a character to reply to her teacher. Not a bad thing, however.. the site does have things like "American Confession".. confess your dirty sins... and "Best Pick Up Line" ... Come on now hot stuff, whats your best line?: ... etc. Parent's would not be happy.. Anyone know of another similar speaking voki tool? I can't find one that's free and age appropriate..
I know what you mean. The logo is annoying, but low on my list of complaints. Rather, I'd like to see Voki make a section for education on their main page or log in. I think they'd see more hits to their site, and open up a huge new user flow. I use Voki in the classroom, but only with me at the student's side as content is created.
I just made a voki (a blue bull that speaks Spanish) last week and want to embed it into my ning. Can you help me achieve this please? Thank you.



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