Add a "human" element to your website. Check out my new Voki avatar at META Web 2.0.

avatar, and then publish to your blog or website. Use your Voki avatar to introduce topics or aid with instruction for those that are better audio/visual learners.

Get a Voki now!

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Ok, now that is cool. Off to play. Thanks for sharing.
We have had a great time with vokis as well. They have been used for students to introduce themselves to the students in another global school on collaborative projects. The class from each country has set up 5 questions they would like to know about each other and then replies have been made via vokis on a collaborative wiki. Students under 13 just go on my voki user name as you can created seemingly endless vokis once registered. A great cyber identity choice that sometimes students will waste a lot of time on creating their identity but once made can be used over and over
great project idea Anne ... I noticed that I only have one choice of player theme (just a boxy players) .. although I have seen other more creative player themes around .. any idea how I get those?

Get a Voki now!

Do you mind sharing the wiki? I would love to see it.
Dont think it is protected to privacy settings for viewing but if you cannot get in let me know. This was my first attempt but probably not Chrissy's (the other teacher). So we did our intros and then decided to set up the questions 5 things we want to know about you.
My kids did a short podcast on the answers to these with audacity but I am still trying to work out the best way to embed that into the wikis.
as to the box player. It is a real nuisance. My kids found that they were restricted to one player in the last few weeks of school but they worked their way out of it somehow. Will have a play later on today and see if I can find out.
Thanks. Going to check it out now!
Hey .. can some of you clasroom 2.0's help me out and post some comments to my avatar above ... just click on the little notepad inside the animated voki avatar in the initial post thanks. I want to show the site to some directors on Monday .. it will be fun and you will have your voki afterwards .. so that you can comment on other avatars as well.

I love my Voki, and I will leave you a comment. I tried just now, but for some reason, part of the comment screen is missing and my avatar never showed up. Maybe tomorrow;D
Frank, I was able to comment on your voki today. I got a bit rambunctious and copied it twice. LOL! Can you delete the repeat post?
thanks so much .. of course .. I can delete the repeat ... Your Voki is fantastic!!!
Hey Frank how did you get to add the comment notepad onto your voki? Is it a new feature? That is a fabulous addition and would add to the learning possibilities by a great deal. Thanks for this and hope mine works for you.
thanks!!!!!!!!!!! for the voki comment!!!



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