I tried to start a discussion on my blog that asked for the names and addresses of Educational Technology organizations (like ISTE or TCEA) that are NOT located in the US. (We do have that world is flat thing
going don't we still?)

The purpose was to create a database that anyone could access that had as many of these organizations as possible. Wouldn't it be cool to join an ed tech organization from another country?

Anyway, the underwhelming response got me thinking that:
a) no one reads my blog anymore

b) there are no ed tech organizations outside the US

c) since the entry was in English, the targeted audience didn;t know what the heck I was saying

d) No on reads my blog anymore

e) A and D are correct

So, I thought I would ask here, where the audience is much more diverse, the worlds collide and frankly, there are a heck of a lot more of you here than read my blog.

So, the question is:
Can you tell us about a NON US educational technology organization, where it is located, how to join, and what the website is?


Now, go read my blog.

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The Manitoba Association of Computing Educators (ManACE) at www.manace.ca is a group that help teachers teach and encourage each other in the use of technology here in Canada's province of Manitoba.
Here is the link for Tim's blog posting.
Thanks, I guess I should do that huh?
Hello Tim, I am only catching up on everything now, while I am still on school holidays. I live in Victoria, Australia and I am a member of VITTA and also a member of ICTEV http://www.ictev.vic.edu.au/ One Australian wide organisation is ACCE Sorry, I find it easier to keep up with the discussions and not blogs.
Above all else you must, as far as the UK is concerned, include http://jisc.cetis.ac.uk/. JISC is one of the main think tanks on university policy. The Cetis SIGs (Special Interest Groups) bring the most talented people in the sector together.



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