Are we giving it away? was what one teacher asked me. Here I am all excited about students interacting, writing, editing, collaborating, incorporating instruction from me, all the good; and here is the teacher saying I work an 8 hour day plus now, am I supposed to go online and do more in my off hours?

Well? are we going to get release time for teachers from one prepared class a day so they can go online and respond to students who have posted blogs, edited wikis, uploaded movies, set up a podcast feed and take the time to listen.

Where does the time come from, how do we fit asynchronous activity in to the payscale?

Your thoughts?

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I agree, James. I do find that I can do less of some of my old tasks because they are replaced by these new online tasks. Other times, the technology is helping me do the same old thing in an easier way. For example, I used to journal back and forth with each student in a notebook. That meant lugging the notebooks around and lots of handwriting. Then I switched to doing the exact same activity in Moodle. Most kids wrote more, and I could reply, neatly, in a fraction of the time since I was typing.
And like Alice, I find I enjoy these tasks more than the old ones.



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