Has anyone ever embedded a Ustream channel into a wiki before? I want to stream a debate between a group of my students and a group in Connecticut, but I don't want people to have to go to the UStream page to view it. There's too much potential for changing channels into a very non-educational room if we do it on their site. Not to mention, many schools have UStream blocked, so they couldn't watch along.

I know how to embed the channel into a website, but wasn't sure about the WikiSpaces wiki. Any advice now (or even a few months down the road) would be appreciated.

Incidentally, if anyone's interested, we're each taking either a liberal or conservative stance to 8 different Presidential Campaign issues. The kids in my school took the liberal side and CT is taking the conservative side. It's diametrically opposed to how each group really feels about the issues, so it's sure to be a terrific learning experience for all.

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Hi Ginger,

For wikispaces just copy the embed code from Ustream, go into edit mode for Wikispaces and click on the "widget" button and you can choose "other HTML" at the bottom, paste in and that's it. Your project sounds interesting, are you going to allows observation by other teachers?
Yes, I thought that may be it, but I think I was just being lazy in asking. However, it's not working right now. Will have to continue to wrestle it into submission! ;-)

Oh yes, and I'll be Tweeting about it when it's time (I'm GingerTPLC). Next Thursday, Jan 17th is the tentative date. Will tweet the time once it's confirmed. Looking like 12pm CST right now. That will likely change.

Look, I just talk about Twitter and all of a sudden I'm typing in brief messages. gah!



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