Ok, PLEASE help me out. I'm trying to create some materials for pd and want some input. Let's start at the bottom with our email-only, Powerpoint-loving colleagues (nothing wrong with that, just want to help them advance!). What do these teachers need to know in order to teach effectively in today's technology environment? Your list can have MORE than 10 (or less, I guess, but who can think of less than 10?!?) Doesn't have to include only 2.0 tips, could be Office, etc.
Thanks so much, I know every single one of my CR2.0 colleagues has a wealth of knowledge to share :-)

Edited to add: I put the replies together in a "transcript" for those of you wishing to use it for PD. Published it as a GoogleDoc here - http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=ddx5s2vf_14nk6spfgj

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indigo196 - great stuff from a techie perspective :-)

#9 is SUCH good advice. I drew up complete lesson plans around google docs only to find out (luckily before the day I was teaching the lesson) that our machines don't have a late enough version of safari to support Google Docs. (in my defense, the reason I didn't know this is b/c I work on a Dell laptop since I travel to 11 schools and only 1 school operates on Mac). I contacted IT and we're working on it. I can't.
#6 - I love Office Online!
#2 - making friends with IT should be #1 on all lists!!!!
Ah, yes. I'm not allowed to add anything on the student computers - that's why I wasn't allowed to simply upgrade to the newer version of Safari, so probably wouldn't be able to do Firefox either. Thanks for the advice, though, I'll pass it on to my IT, I'm sure they'll love my input :-)
I overheard a discussion about this on Friday, so I think we're getting there. Thanks!
IT guys need to learn from you, you are a mover and shaker and thy need to get off their controlling high horse in most schools. They tend to hinder learning!!! I know they have a tough job, but.....
DO NOT take 25 kindergarteners to the computer lab and have them type in a URL.

DON'T take 25 EFL elementary - middle school students in to the lab and have them type in the URL!
Or almost any age group! When teaching something new, I always set up a link from somewhere easily accessible to the students. I have found that even working with teachers it's hard to get everyone to type it in correctly!
I did workshops at NECC and across the state and my district for years, I finally mastered a system for complete organization in my workshops---a linear hard copy URL handout which could be used as a checklist , a powerpoint with all screens captured (so I never had to count on a fast web connection), a website (for a "pretty" at home option) and the handout online. No one ever had to type in a URL!! I used to say my workshops were "workshops with ADD--unmedicated!!"

When I write curriculum for my kiddos I do the same, they go to our webite http://adifferentplace.org and everything they need is there. I'm getting ready to teach a huge unit on the Titanic. Using the database of the original passenger/crew students will be answering some essential questions. My co-teacher will simultaneous teach the "Science of Icebergs". All student and teacher links and curriculum can be found here. Time I spent upfront allows much more learning to go on since the kids only come one day a week (to our Center).

Does this limit kids to what I decided they need to see---I don't think so. Since my kids are of elementary age I think a lot of free surfing is a gigantic waste of time. I'll argue this in a differnet post if needed...haha.

PS--the database isn't ready, the database designer still has it. Also the curriculum is still being worked but you can get the idea.
Agree, we have our K-3rd graders on computers online all the time and the more they use them the easier it is for them to find programs, type URLs, navigate websites, etc.
This is great, I will be sharing this with my pre-service teachers technology class, thanks for getting it going.
Cyndi - after the posting slows down I'm going to put it all together in a much more reader-friendly document. Wait a bit and I'll share it :-)
Thanks, I appreciate that more than you know.



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