OK, my blog has been going for almost two whole months now. When I started, I decided to moderate all comments, without any spam check, except a blacklist of words that would mean automatic rejection.

At first it was a couple of spams a day, now they are coming at a rate I can't keep up with. So I know I have to implement something, and thank goodness there a ton of ways to do it on WordPress.

My question is different - and just an idle curiousity. I have one post that receives more spam comments than every other post on my blog combined. I can't figure out what it is about that post that is so attractive. It's not the oldest, newest, longest, or any other thing I can seem to figure out...

I've googled every combination of blog, spam, etc that I can think of to see if anyone understands why a particular post would attract spam, but you can imagine the results of that search!!

Anyway, it's a completely off topic question - but this is the only group I know to ask it to...

How do blog spamming programs work? Specifically, how do they decide which posts to comment on? Has anyone else noticed this?

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Gosh, I have the same problem, but don't get as much spam as you. If anyone has an answer, I'd love to hear it.
The spam has definately increased lately - I don't know if the spam robots just take time to find you, or what.
I just installed Akismet on mine and it works amazingly well.

I've had the same experience with a couple of posts getting "spammed" a lot more than others.

I wondered if it was the two posts I had put "technorati" tags in, because I didn't tag the rest of mine once I noticed that happening?
I technorati tag everything, so that's not it completely. But it might be a specific tag word..
My blog spam seems to come in bursts. I will get 15-20 spam comments and then nothing for a week and a half, and then another set of spam. It does not even seem to be tied to when I post. I will have to start watching to see which posts are getting the most spam.
Well, the first spams I got were for orchids because I tagged my posts as "orchids" (compliments) or "onions" (things I didn't like). I've had a lot of luck with the askismit plugin on edublogs, and it'll work on wordpress too.
Askismit works great. I just installed it on mine and it catches almost 100% of the spam.

I also do moderate responses just to be on the safe side.
In addition to Akismet, you might also try Spam Karma and Bad Behavior (I love that one!). It could have something to do with tags. Spambots can be prevented from event accessing your site with Bad Behavior.



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