I need a website soultion that will allow teachers to collabotate on various topics. I would like it to have a wiki and forums.
The purpose is to keep the ongoing discussions that happen in the lunchroom online. Maybe take a textbook committee and talk about the books, etc in the foums. Then build what they are finding in the wiki.
Teachers have too many committee meetings on their time and this might give some of the time back.
Why not email? Email is between a set of people where they idea would/could be between everyone.

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The wikis at www.wikidot.com have forums you can set up. They're a bit tricky so you need to be persistent, but once configured they work really well.
Every page in a Wikispace has a discussion tab where members can post a message and reply to one another's messages. I am only just starting to set up a Wikispace for a course I'm taking in adoloescent literacy, so I am not entirely familiar with how the discussions work or whether they are user friendly.

Perhaps others more familiar with the Wikispace format can comment on whether this is a good environment for collaborative discussion?
Wikispaces discussion, from my experience, doesn't allow the responses to individual comments within the thread like here in Ning. Ning's discussion forum set up is much better.
you can use www.leveragesoftware.com for this, among other features.
Although you need to have the system setup, we find moodle to be very good for this. You can have moodle hosted at a prettty low cost. then you also have a great course management system for students as well.



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