I am constantly looking for new ideas on how to integrate technology in the elementary music classroom. Webquests, iconic animation of music, historical web sites, worksheets, etc. Would love to share what I have.

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I am glad that you are always searching for "on the edge" technology lessons to enhance the Music curriculum. Way to go!
There's a few possibilities. I've seen several of my students record and submit assignments for band class using Audacity.

The site www.TeachWithMusic.ca has some interesting takes on where music could fit into the curriculum and sites like the Sheet Music Archive (http://www.sheetmusicarchive.net/) and the Mutopia Project (http://mutopiaproject.org/) can provide at least some sheet music for free.
I think this Wikipedia page is a FANTASTIC launching-point:
Music Education on Wikipedia
SmartMusic interactive computer-based music practice software could be cool. I also think that if you have GarageBand, it's really a cool tool for kids to make their own music, picking up the composition piece to their education. I'm not sure what PCs have for that option.
Hi Ricki--

I have a blog on this topic. I think you'll get lots out of it (or I wouldn't shamelessly promote it). Feel free to e-mail me directly, if you have specific questions.
I am a kindergarten music teacher that loves to use technology in the classroom. I am very lucky to have access to a portable SmartBoard at both schools I teach in as well as have an iPad, which is used not only for keeping my music in one place but for the music apps that help my kindergarten students. The iPad can be projected onto a white board or wall so all students can see the App screen. I love using the Apps that are free from the App store.

I also use SmartBoard presentations in my classroom some that I created as well as some that are borrowed from the SmartBoard website where teachers add lessons they created to share.

I love using Groovy Music (software) that can be purchased. This software is perfect for elementary kids and supports music learning and creation. If you have the money to buy it the software is well worth the money.

The last thing I wanted to share with you are a few of the websites I use on the SmartBoard for my kindergarten students. Carnegie Hall has kid friendly sites found here: http://www.carnegiehall.org/ORC/Games-and-Listening-Guides/

San Fransico Symphony Orchestra also has website that talks about the instruments as well as elements of music found: www.sfskids.org

Please feel free to messege me if you have questions or want other tools for the classroom. I hope this was helpful!

Gwen Keohane



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