I'm a teacher just about to embark on an MA. I'm looking to research the blogs and wikis in classroom settings.

This looks like a good place to start my search.

I will be looking to set up a class of 25 14-15 year olds with different English related blogging and wiki assignments and opportunities.

Any tips...I'm almost a complete newbie: I have set up individual bloggers on blogger.com for teachers using our website but not as a teaching and learning project.

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thanks good post
I think our class blog has been a sucess. Students have written about interesting topics and we've had some parents join us, which is a great value add. We use appropriate RSS feeds, links, and creative writing prompts to help give writing choices but usually the kids find something to write about from their own lives. After a week of being introduced to Voki.com virtual avatars are speaking on each students blog. Even my student with OCD, anxiety disorder and Asperger's takes advantage of writing in this very social way! My next task is going to be looking for some outside bloggers. If you have students who are 10-12 years old let me know, maybe we can join up!
Thanks - will look in detail at this.
Great thanks.
Hi Martin -

I just conducted two workshops at Macworld on these topics. Perhaps you'll find the content I used helpful. Check out

Good luck!
What a resource - I've looked at the videos and will return for more.
I put together a blogging 101 guide on what why and how to blog at


that you might find useful
If you want, you can check out my class blogs from last year and this year.

I am a middle school science teacher, and got interested in blogging as a way to develop my students' literacy in science and in technology. But after a year and a half, I am now interested in the role that blogging places in giving students a sense of ownership in their own learning by proving an opportunity for authorship with an real audience. I have also used podcasts and wikis and just this year have started a class Ning.

Last year's blog: http://mrardito.edublogs.org/
This year's blog: http://arditoscience.blogspot.com/

Good luck with your work.
Thanks for these
Hi Martin. I'm also doing some research at the moment - a case study (the details are below)


Can Weblogs and Wikis and other associated emerging social software tools be used to create an effective on-line learning community?


To investigate the useful features, and barriers, when using blogs and wikis in a supportive on-line environment
To set appropriate tasks and to guide and monitor progress
To evaluate motivation, as well as formal and informal learning

I'm 'blogging' about it as I go along. You're welcome to visit my 'ramblings' at:



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